What’s New From CES Asia 2016,RC Drone, VR ?


CES Asia 2016 has opened in Shanghai  Expo center. It’s the second year of CES Asia. This time CES Asia has attracted over 150 countries, 3200 companies to attend this expo.

The biggest difference of this CES Asia 2016 is that it has increased some new smart products that we have never seen before including the new smart wearables, RC Drones, and VR headset.


VR Devices, unprecedentedly popular

The first year is called 2016 VR, this topic is in this year’s CES Asia has been confirmed. As the beginning of this year, many manufacturers starts its business about VR headset. We will introduce what will come out in CES Asia about VR.


Deepoon M2 All in one VR Headset:

Deepoon M2 uses the latest  Samsung Exynos7420 Soc, and adopts 2.5K OLED screen to support 60 to 70Hz refresh rate. It has RAM 3GB ROM 32 internal storage, which is  the only one on sale all-in-one VR. As an all in one VR without connecting smartphone and computer, Deepoon M2 sells at 2999yuan which is more competitive than those VR headset with PC or smartphone.



As the first batch of all-in-one VR, IDEALENS has attended numerous America Exhibition, this time, it also bring the second all-in-one VR, IDEALENS V2,which moves its battery to the back of the headset with light steel spring connected to the host to achieve the balance of weight before and after. It will reduce the neck burden largely. In addition, IDEALENS V2 is also equipped with 120°FOV with AMOLED screen, 90hz refresh rate, 17ms delaying, 1mm accurate strong features such as a wide range of position tracking.


Pimax 4K VR:

Pimax 4K is the first VR to be equipped with 4K screen resolution, with double gyroscope, delay control in 18ms, view Angle 110 degrees,  53mm double aspherical lenses which is  the industry’s largest diameter,   220g weight should be the lightest one in PC VR. Besides,  Pimax has deployed a virtual space in CESA to enable the immersive feeling of the VR to improve more.

RC Drone is more than Photographing

As hot as VR this year, RC drones come out a lot in the past few month of CES, This time RC manufacturer will not be absent the grand exhibition. We will introduce some creative RC quadcopters.


ProDrone BYRD

Folding ProDrone BYRD with portable, professional and sense of science and technology, design aesthetic and the powerful use function defined the characteristic and use again. Products have four arms, eight pieces screw and two feet frame folding,It can be folded as large as iPad to reduce the burden for travel. The unique double remote control and multiple screen sharing design make RC drone not only is used for photographing but also a new way of interaction.

Yuneec typhoon H :

In this CESA, Yuneec as Chinese famous rc brand shows its Yuneec Typhoon H obstacle avoidance based on Intel real sense design. By camera, ultrasonic sensor to collect the environment data and then through  Intel CPU real-time processing, it makes RC drone sense the surrounding environment to make independent judgment. In the process of Yuneec Typhoon H presentation,it can be flexibly through the woods, and follow the cycling sports.


MOTA  jetjat nano

Now can you see the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) should be a minimum of product, It’s MOTA  jetjat nano rc quadcopter. It’s only as small as a paper clip. Nano doesn’t have assembly screw propeller, no GPS synchronization, no Wifi, no app. It has  throttle valve to control the flight height,two joysticks to control turning, which is the big reason that Nano is proper to UAV flying. But the battery of Nano supports longest to 8 minutes. Considering its size, the flying life is quite good.



With the development and precipitation of more than a year, domestic wearable products already has passed the first unmature to mature stage.  And there are many products confirmed and recognized by the market to make deep impression on consumers. But there are still large number of wearable application is still to be developed. In this CESA, we can see many creative wearable products.


Totwoo Jewelry

Totwoo created its very innovative and fashionable Totwoo jewelry. It has combined technology and fashion.  combined swarovski crystals with 925 silver and with senior fashion accessories to reflect Totwoo carefully to build a consumer wearable luxury. The products fully hold female consumers’ mind by beautiful design, gilittering jewelry, exquisite design. And pedometer,  sedentary remind and constellation chart makes it own smart function like a lot of wearable products.


Lenovo F2 smart shoes:

Lenovo smart shoes has a unique product ideas, not from using normal movement monitoring but connecting with devices such as mobile phones, tablet and PC to use. By moving the smart shoes, it can control other devices. In CESA, the users move over to implement child in the subway dodging and jumping up and down by connecting PC.


Garmin Forerunner 735xt

Since Garmin released Elevate optical heart rate, optical heart rate almost permeate into the every series of Garmin wrist smart watch and smart bracelets. Now it brings Garmin Forerunner 735xt which is the top product in Forerunner series. Forerunner 735xt adopted color circular screen design, 3.1 cm in diameter, 215 x180 resolution. Its appearance is  very similar to 235, just a little bit small dial. Garmin Forerunner 735xt is built-in GPS + GLONASS double orientation, barometric altimeter and Elevate optical heart rate meter,supporting for running, swimming, cycling, hiking, boating, skiing, cross-country running, aerobics, paddle board surfing and triathlon various movement modes, under swimming mode will not be able to unlock the function of optical heart rate monitoring, it needs to cooperate with HRM – Tri or HRM – Swim heart rate to calculate heart rate record  underwater.

In conclusion

After success of first CESA, the scale and exhibitors quantity  in CES Asia 2016 have boosted soon, especially the category like VR, and UAV, RC Drones, a lot of new and creative products come out to bring more latest achievements of science and technology of China for our consumers.


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