What’s Special on Elephone S7 Display(Video Included)


Elephone right now has released a decent smartphone, Elephone S7 which is really a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge lookalike in terms of  bezel-less 3D radian in-cell FHD curved screen, do you know it’s just a common screen? Absolutely not. Let’s see what’s special in this nice display? And what’s most feature you need?


Elephone S7 Display Features as follow:

1. Eye Care
Elephone S7 owns a full system of eye care such as color temperature adjustment, video frame adjustment that can enable you to enjoy comfortable and nice videos not to hurt your eyes. Besides, Elephone S7 can adjust the light according to your environment when you turn on the night screen eye-cared mode which can protect your eyes effectively to meet the high demands for the screen from the users.

2. Smart Gesture
Elephone S7 is also famous for a function of smart gesture, you can make a screenshot by three finger slide down and two fingers to adjust the volume. If you are not clear about how it works, just check the video about Elephone S7 screen function.

3. Smart Keys
E-touch 2.0 as Elephone S7 special function can support a smart key to turn on the setting of apps by double-clicking home button. Therefore, just quick access to settings by smart key for adjustment to save more time for you.

4.Power Saving Mode
There are three new power-saving modes are added in Elephone S7 performance and power-saving mode, such as high-performance mode, balance mode and low-power mode. You can choose the most suitable mode manually according to your environment.

5. Split screen mode
Right now only a few OS can support  split screen such as MIUI 8 OS, but elephone S7 has also supported split-screen mode, you can open the split screen in the recent program and not bother your other task such as chatting interruption and video watching, etc.

So there are five outstanding features about its screen, which are all useful and practical for you. Right now this is the first time Elephone has processed well in Elephone S7 screen craftsmanship and features. Besides, its hardware also makes us unbelievable, it comes with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, powered by Helio X20 Deca core processor, most importantly, the price is affordable, you can enjoy Elephone S7 RAM 2GB ROM 16GB at $149.99 for free shipping, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB at $199.99, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at $229.99.

Compare the price of Elephone S7 from the following stores:

Gearbest:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Gloden at$179.99 , Blue at $199.99   Black at $199.99   Green at $209.99
Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Golden at $209.99   Blue at $229.99   Black at $239.99  Green at$249.99  

Banggood:  Elephone S7 Mini 2GB 32GB at $179.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Four colors at $209.99 ~ 234.99   Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Four colors at  $234.99 ~ 258.99

Efox:    Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at  €129.99     ELEPHONE S7 3GB RAM 32GB ROM at €149.99
ELEPHONE S7 4GB RAM 64GB ROM at  €179.99

Geekbuying:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99   Other versions will update later.


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