What’s the Difference between an e-cigarette or Vape and a Trandtional cigarette?


The difference between e-cigarettes and real smoke — the difference in appearance

Cigarettes: Basically the same in appearance and structure. They are traditional cigarettes with cigarette ends. The only difference is the size, thickness and color of different brands of cigarettes.

E-cigarette: E-cigarette brands come in all shapes and sizes, different brands have different properties and looks, but there’s always one you want.

Differences between e-cigarettes and real smoke — differences in how they work

Cigarettes: Burning tobacco at temperatures between 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius to produce smoke and release substances such as tar and nicotine.

E-cigarettes: The main engine supplies power to the heating wires of the atomizer. The heat evaporates inside the atomizer core to produce smoke and release substances such as nicotine and flavoring (you can also opt for nicotine-free e-cigarettes).

The difference between e-cigarettes and real smoke — the difference between the ingredients

Cigarettes: When burned, tobacco produces tar, nicotine, phenols, alcohols, acids, aldehydes and more than 4,000 toxic substances that are harmful to human health.

E-cigarettes: The main components of e-liquids in e-cigarettes are PG (propylene glycol) VG (vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerin), other fragrances, nicotine (optional), and water. These substances are basically harmless except for nicotine.

Differences between e-cigarettes and real smoke – Differences between methods of use

Cigarettes: Light tobacco directly and start smoking after the tobacco has started to burn.
E-cigarette: Add e-liquid to the e-cigarette atomizer, then wait a few minutes for the e-liquid to fully penetrate the atomizer core. Turn on the e-cigarette host and hold down the e-cigarette ignition button on the host to smoke. In this case, the e-cigarette can be smoked by inserting it directly into the cartridge.

The difference between e-cigarettes and real smoke — the difference between smoke

Cigarettes: Cigarettes are burned to produce solid particulate smoke, which contains nearly 4,000 chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and nicotine, most of which are harmful to humans. Different brands of cigarettes have different concentrations of nicotine, slightly different colors of smoke, and large particles of smoke can cause irreversible damage in the lungs.
E-cigarettes: The smoke from e-cigarettes is actually water vapor. The color of the smoke is milky white and the content of water in the smoke is relatively high. You can feel it clearly in the smoke on your nose. And the smoke particles from e-cigarettes are very small.
The difference between e-cigarettes and real smoke — the difference in taste

Cigarettes: Cigarettes have a simple taste. They are basically tobacco. Some cigarettes have mint in them.
E-cigarettes: The richer and weirder flavors of e-cigarettes fall into three broad categories: fruit, tobacco and beverage, and there are thousands of flavors.
The difference between e-cigarettes and actual smoke – the difference between costs

Cigarettes: The unit price of cigarettes varies. The price of a pack of low-end cigarettes is a few yuan, from 10 to 30 yuan for low-end cigarettes to 100 yuan for high-end cigarettes. There are thousands of expensive cigarettes. Prices vary, everyone smokes differently, and the cost of use fluctuates relatively widely.

E-cigarettes: The cost of e-cigarettes is mostly the cost of e-liquids, except for the initial purchase of several hundred yuan for the equipment, but the average cost should not be higher than the cost of cigarettes.

The difference between e-cigarettes and real smoke — the difference between secondhand smoke

Cigarettes: After burning cigarettes and cigarette butts, the second-hand smoke emitted has a strong pungent smell and contains many harmful substances, which will bring great harm to the people around.

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E-cigarettes: The smoke produced by e-cigarettes is large, but it spreads quickly, and e-cigarettes contain fruits and other aromas that won’t affect others.


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