Where to shoot a Deer with a 308


Hunting prey is a hobby from ancient times, but it must be done quickly and sharply hence, the animal feels less pain. Either you shoot the prey with a rifle or bow, you must do it with perfection to avoid a slow and painful death.

While hunting, the hunter must be acknowledged, where to shoot the animal. If we talk about the deer, as the deer is a big-sized animal, one needs to shoot it carefully. Reviews of the Nikon m-308 rifle scope will help us out regarding where to shoot the deer.

This scope is specifically used to work with a 308 rifle. This is so helpful in locating and aiming the shot on the prey because of its vast specifications.

Shoot on The Neck:

The main trick to shoot the deer on the neck is to cut the spinal cord in one shot. This will make the deer unconscious instantly. Hunters should shoot deer from below the base of the skull as it will cause less damage to the meat.

As the neck is the risky point to shoot hence needs effective care. So 308 rifle scope helps the hunter in such a way that it magnifies the target 4-16x distances.

Shoot on The Heart:

The heart is the best part of a deer’s body to shoot. As the bullets pass through both the lungs to completely burst the heart.

Bullets should have a large diameter, as light bullets may be deflected by ribs and couldn’t reach the heart, which ended up the animal being able to run away. Hence .308 firing a heavy bullet is a good starting point and it will be a clean kill.

Shoot on The Lungs:

Aiming at lungs with a rifle is not a good approach. Because bullets can be passed through the body. However, if you shoot the lungs with an arrow will be the perfect idea as the bow will be stuck into the lungs and would not let the deer run away.

Because without breathing, it would be hard for deer to cover a long distance. A double lung shot will help the most as both the lungs will be collapsed and deer will suffocate to death.

Shoot on The Shoulders:

The shoulder shot is spectacularly effective if you use a rifle. Bullet will be passed from the one-shoulder blade, breaking the chest cavity, and move on to the other shoulder blade.

This shot will instantly paralyze the nervous system of the deer, disabling the front legs with complete immobilization. The 308 rifles will be the most effective to put a single bullet and get the deer paralyzed.

Shoot on The Brain:

Brain shot should be the last option for a hunter to shoot. Because it can be risky, as the total surface area of the brain is small and the shot can be missed out.

A heavy bullet is required for a headshot because the skull bone is thicker than the whole body hence 308 rifles would be the perfect match for a headshot. other than that, the thicker bone would lead to an unsuccessful one-shot.

The upside of this shot is that if the shot is well-executed, then you can perfectly bring down the deer within seconds. Shooting at the brain may have advantages as there is no meat damage.

Shoot on The Legs:

The upside of this shot is that there is a lot less chance of meat wastage. And there is no need for high-powered rifles, as they give a margin of error while hunting. The downside is that aiming at legs would be a little problem. Because the deer is running and locating the legs would miss the shot.

Angles to Shoot:

besides all these aspects, angle entirely changes the game of shooting. Sometimes, the hunter locates the perfect organ of the deer to shoot but angles do not cooperate, ending up missing the shot. For this reason, one should know the strategy of angles along with other tricks.

Anterior Angle:

This angle of the deer will be faced by the hunter when the deer is coming towards. Hence hunters must not take a quick shot as the senses of the hunter would urge to take an instant shot because of fear and the shot might be missed.

A perfect angle should be adjusted before shooting keeping in mind that the index of the target is very small.

Posterior Angle:

the posterior angle might be a risky option. Because the bullet has to travel from the tail to the main organs of the body to put down the deer. Deer might run away during this course. Another bad aspect of this angle is that there would be a lot of wastage of the meat.

BroadSide Angle:

This is the most ideal angle to shoot the deer. Because this angle covers the major portion of the deer’s body. Hunter can easily target all the major organs to put down the deer.

This shot is a relatively clean and one-shot shoot. With only a single shot it’s pretty easy to hunt down the deer without causing much pain and wasting much meat. With this angle, the rifle targets the “boiler room” consisting of the chest cavity. Which is the most ideal point to shoot the deer.

Final Verdict

while hunting a deer, one might find different ways to shoot the deer. But not every way is effective or appealing. Some shots are maybe clean-shot but require high-resolution scopes or techniques.

And some other shots may not be clean but do not require much effort. So different hunters may have different views about shooting the deer. As sometimes, the Nikon m-308 rifle scope will not meet a hunter’s desire which tends to change the way of shooting the deer.

The scope has a lot of plus points which helps the hunter in preying the animal flawlessly. But some of the cons of this scope will let down the hunting.


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