Which are the best phones for gaming?


Playing games via your smartphone has become a massive business in recent years. Mobile gaming generated over $60 billion alone in 2018, showing what a huge niche it has become. The great thing about playing games this way is not only the convenience but also the vast array of choice available. For US players, recent changes to laws around online gambling help here as many states now allow online casino play, catching up with other parts of the world. Pennsylvania is a great illustration of these recent changes and PA online gambling can now be enjoyed by anyone in the state borders. When you also factor in standard games that you can play on your mobile, it is clear to see just how much choice there is.

To get the most out of this activity, you need a phone that can deliver great processing power, awesome sound and fabulous graphics. After all, no-one wants to play games on a phone that is slow or does not give the best experience. But what are the best smartphones for gaming?

Razer Phone 2

When it comes to the best phones for gaming, it is worth looking beyond the usual brands to those designed specifically for this purpose. Razer certainly fit the bill and their Phone 2 is perhaps the best gaming phone currently around. The screen brightness is spot on which makes it clear to see what it happening when playing. The sound is stunning too with next-gen speakers making everything crystal-clear. The stats around this phone back up why it is so good for gaming – the 5.7 inch display boasts 513 pixels per inch while the 120Hz refresh rate means you never miss a thing. With a Snapdragon 845 processor to power it all along and 8GB of RAM for downloads, this is a gamer’s dream.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Although not specially marketed as a phone for gaming, this does a fantastic job anyway! It has a large 6.7 inch screen which is perfect for seeing everything while you play without having to strain your eyes. It also looks the bomb with gorgeous curved edges and a no notch design. This has a massive 12GB of RAM to enjoy which means you will have plenty of power to download and enjoy games. It comes armed with Dolby Atmos compatible speakers so you can really take the sound in any game up a level. This phone also has a nifty Gaming Mode which stops incoming calls and notifications from disturbing you as you play. Weighing in at just 206g, it is light enough to carry around until you need it.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei have really come into the mobile sector and upset the Samsung Galaxy/Apple iPhone monopoly of late as the Mate 20 Pro demonstrates. Whether it is a casino game online or something like Fortnite, it will give an exceptional experience. The Kirin 980 CPU inside gives awesome processing speed and means you will have no slow-down in performance when playing larger games. The 8GB of RAM also helps here and will mean that any game you play on it will not experience problems in terms of lag or poor performance. This has a very powerful battery too so you can enjoy playing games for longer before charging it up again. The screen resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels is also very impressive, meaning any game you play on it will look amazing.

Apple iPhone XR

Although looking at other brands when it comes to pure gaming phones is worthwhile, you just cannot ignore iPhones when it comes to anything in the mobile phone world. The XR is probably the best model iPhone for gaming purposes as it has ultra-quick processing speed, great graphical performance and superb integration with other Apple devices or software. The large 6.1 inch screen size is also worth a mention as this makes playing games on it fun. Many people also love this phone for gaming due to the famed A12 bionic processor which delivers amazing speeds and no lagging. The build quality is also spot on so if you happen to get too excited and drop it when playing, it will not disintegrate.

Getting the best phone for gaming is vital

While you could use any modern smartphone to play games online, to get the optimal experience choose one designed for gaming. From faster processing speeds to more powerful graphics chips or larger screens, dedicated mobile phones for gaming offer a more enjoyable experience overall.


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