Which Laptop You Should Buy In 2020- The MacBook Air or MacBook Pro


The latest MacBook Pro has a 13in model, and it has become popular in those areas where the market of this gadget has become low. With the MacBook Pro, you can now get the magic keyboard, the 10th generation Intel Chips, and the faster RAM. To have a powerful machine, you can opt for the MacBook Pro.

However, there are various other reasons why you should beat the MacBook- the reasons are for the price, battery life, and portability. The MacBook Air is the best choice for those who are thinking to buy the laptops.

Currently, Apple sells two types of laptop lines- The MacBook Pro that comes in 13in and 16in screen sizes and the MacBook Air that is always 13 inches in size. The larger version of Macbook Pro was updated in the month of November 2019, while the new versions of the small size Apple MacBook Pro and Air are released in the year 2020.

However, you might think that which model is suitable for you. In this article, there will be a vivid comparison of the features, design, specs of these models, the pros and cons of these two models, the areas where these two models differ, and the factors that you should consider before buying. Furthermore, you can go through various blogs and reviews of iPads from IPadhype.

Some of the questions that come in your mind while you are buying the MacBook are- which will be better, the lighter one or the one which has more power, which MacBook is worth of investment, and so on. Here, the main focus is given on the 13inch model as it is the common size offered by both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Comparing the Price

The price is said to be one of the most important factors to consider before you are buying either the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. However, if you compare all the details, the price of the MacBook Pro is higher than the MacBook Air.

Design and Build-

When the MacBook Air was launched in the year 2008, it is said to be one of the lightest laptops available in the market. However, over the following years, the weight of MacBook Pro has also reduced. There is no such huge difference between the two models on the basis of weight now. The 2020 MacBook Air weighs less than MacBook Pro.

But, for the latest models of these two laptops, they come with the TOUCH ID and Force Touch trackpad, but if you check the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, it is largely different than the MacBook Air.

The Processor and RAM

In the MacBook Air, you will find the 10th gen Intel processor, whereas, in the 13in Pro laptop, you will see the 8th gen chips and the 9th gen chips in the 16in MacBook Pro. The chips of MacBook Air are dual-core.

Storage and Battery Life

Both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have 256 GB Storage capacity as standard, but the Pro model can be upgraded to 4TB, whereas for the AIR, it is only limited to 2TB.

The company says that the AIR can go for 11 hours of wireless browsing and 12 hours of video playback, and the 13in Pro can have 10/10 and 11/11 for 16in Pro.

Thus, all of you have got an idea about both the models. Before buying, you should also consider the screen size and the gaming capabilities of both.


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