Why Businesses Need to Automate Document Collection


Collecting documents from a client is a step that millions of businesses all over the world need to go through regularly. If you are a real estate expert, mortgage broker, or a small business owner, I’m sure that you can agree with us that collecting documents and information from your clients can become an everyday pain point. In this post, we will be focusing on tips and tools that can help you automate document collection and stay on top of your work.

Businesses from all industries are now moving to paperless. The move is to help save trees, time, and money. Every time you welcome a new client to your business, you have to go through a tedious process of gathering the client’s documents and information. Automating the way you collect clients’ documents is the only way that your business can achieve its paperless environment goals. 

Almost all sales processes start with the need to gather documents and information from your potential client. Many businesses request for these documents right after meeting their prospect. Sometimes the client’s documents are required even before you set up a meeting with the client. 

You can use old methods such as fax and email, but these options give the clients the freedom to take action on time or not. In most cases, they end up taking too long to submit their documents, even though you need to have the paperwork done on time. Some end up asking you too many questions hence slowing you down on your daily work. You end up spending your time answering questions from your potential clients that you are not sure they will convert. That is not the biggest issue. The main problem is that about 81 percent of buyers conduct online research before committing themselves. Automating the way to collect client documents gives you a proactive approach. It gives your business a proper client onboarding process. Your competitors will not have a chance to take advantage when the back and forth is happening. 

Documents collection can help everyone in the business. Here are some of the ways automating document collection can help in various everyday roles:

How automating document collection helps business owners

As a small business owner, you may not have enough staff to chase documents. You also don’t have enough time to follow them yourself. You and your available employees need to focus on other key things that will move your business forward. File Request Pro will help you save time and energy when it comes to the client document collection. It reduces the chances of errors creeping in as a result of a poor version of control. It also stores documents in one place and makes it possible for real-time updates. It can also help prevent sending private data to the wrong person. Automating document collection in your business will also remove or reduce the chances of human error. 

How automating document collection helps salespeople

The main role of salespeople is to sell products and services to prospective customers. Paperwork is a must when selling properties. The salesperson may have to collect identification documents (ID) to prove whether clients are who they say they are. These documents can be anything from a driving license, passport, or recent utility bill. Being able to collect these documents from clients on time gives the salespeople enough time to review them hence reducing the risk of delaying the clients. Remember, time is money, and every minute you waste is money wasted.

Managing client documents from end to end is hard work for salespeople. It becomes more stressful when there are several people in charge of drafting, reviewing, and signing. Deciphering handwritten scribbles, scanning, and printing documents is a common job for a salesperson that is dealing with paper copies. All those processes take a lot of time. By adopting a paperless technology and automating the client document collection process, salespeople get enough time and resources to focus on core business processes. 

File Request Pro allows salespeople to set up a review process and specify who needs to review or produce certain documents and when. It takes off the burden to keep reminding people to perform their roles. A document collection system can send automated reminders to different people to make sure all paperwork is done on time before the actual transaction. File Request Pro is all that salespeople need to make sure that things are done on schedule.

File Request Pro also keeps a log of processes. That includes the history of documents and communications submitted. That will make it easy for you to answer questions in the next audit. Automating the collection of documents from clients not only saves time and resources but can also reduce the risk of handling errors. Remember, some mistakes in the document and information collection process are hard to fix and can result in huge losses. 


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