Why Can the DOOGEE S80 Be a Powerful Model Among Peer Rugged Phones?


The Chinese phone manufacturer DOOGEE, was the focus of the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show, which took place from 18 to 21 October. At the fair, the DOOGEE team officially presented its latest device DOOGEE S80, which is another highlight in the media.

The DOOGEE S80 is advertised as a powerful combination of digital intercom and rugged smartphone. What attractive features does it offer to set it apart from the other rugged mobile phones on the world market? This news compares the DOOGEE S80, Blackview BV9500, and Ulefone Armor 3T.

Digital walkie-talkie vs. conventional analog walkie-talkie

As a future-proof, rugged phone, the walkie-talkie function of the DOOGEE S80 is based on a digital signal instead of the conventional analog intercom system. What does that mean? Regardless of the field strength of the network, the digital walkie-talkie works at any time.

The voice quality is clearer and more stable than with the analog intercom. At this point, the digitally oriented DOOGEE S80 and the Ulefone Armor 3T are technologically on a higher level than the analog Blackview BV9500.

400-480MHz vs. 400-470MHz frequency spectrum

If you want to find differences between the digital S80 and Armor 3T, you should look at the frequency spectrum. The DOOGEE S80 has a wider frequency range (400-480MHz) and a higher receiver sensitivity of -120dBm. The frequency band of the Ulefone Armor 3T is 400-470MHz.

In this regard, the points go to the DOOGEE S80. A wider frequency range means more opportunities outdoors, whether for hikers, adventurers, explorers or riders. Moreover, up to 10 km underscores effective communication range of the professional character of the robust phone. Wherever there is an insufficient network, a digital intercom with a wider frequency range and greater effective range will be more helpful.

Two speakers vs. Simple speaker, 24W fast charge vs. 18W charge

DOOGEE aims for a top spot among the professional Triproof smartphone manufacturers. This is tried with more functionality in both the software and the hardware components. With, at first glance not necessarily noticeable details considerable effects are achieved.

To make the intercom sound clearer, louder and in stereo, DOOGEE equips the S80 with two speakers. The BV9500 has only a single speaker at this point. To make charging easier and more efficient, the DOOGEE S80’s 10.080mAh battery pack is equipped with a 12V / 2A fast charging technology and a wireless charging function.

The 10.300mAh Armor 3T is charged with a 9V / 2A charger and the wireless charger is not supported. You can also highlight that both the Doogee S80 and the Armor 3T passed the tests IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD 810G. Although the BV9500 is IP68 and IP69K certified, the MIL-STD certification seems to be missing.


The answer to the question “Why the DOOGEE S80 can be a highly effective model among the rugged peer-rugged phones?” Is thus visible in the above comparisons. Digital walkie-talkie with a 400-480MHz wide frequency band, dual speakers, 24W flash charge, wireless charging, 6GB of RAM and reliable standard military tests are its superiority. If you are interested in the DOOGEE S80, please visit the official website of the manufacturer.


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