Why Canon large format printers are ideal for CAD/GIS printing?


Canon state-of-the-art Large-format Printing, Copying and Scanning Systems are designed to deliver Unparalleled ease of use, Exceptional Speed, Print Quality and precision for CAD/GIS applications.

Canon has wide range of large format printing products on both inkjet and toner based technology for CAD/GIS  printing. Toner based products are ideal for B/W mid and high print volume and Inkjet is ideal for B/W low and colour print volumes. Canon offers cost effective and reliable solution based on the precise customer need. .

Productivity at its highest

Canon large format printers are easy to use thanks to embedded intelligence and exceptional simplicity such as automatic media roll loading – where media can simply be placed on the roll unit and left unsupervised. Plus, additional roll unit can also be used for media take up or simply high production printing of various media types and sizes. Advanced printer driver for Windows, helps reduce errors and supports first-time right results, with its clear and easy-to-use functionality.

Toner based Canon PlotWave series has intelligent automation that makes life easier in many ways. With automatic roll width detection and easy paper feeding, media loading couldn’t be easier. Automatic roll switching quickly changes between media rolls and positions the image in the correct location. It is important for CAD users that printer produces impressive results every time. Designed for CAD professionals, the PlotWave series makes printing large format documents easy with its intuitive touchscreen interface. Intelligent automation utilizes the power under the hood and tunes it to support high performance.

Superb quality and reliability

Canon imagePROGRAF TA, TM and TX series is an embodiment of print technology of the highest order. Employing high-precision mechanical platform, together with FINE print head and LUCIA TD ink, the Canon imagePROGRAF series deliver stunning prints of the finest details and excellent colour expression in breaking speed. imagePROGRAF TX series printers feature a brand new mechanical platform. The highly innovative chassis structure provides an exceptionally rigid frame that can maintain a precise distance between the print head and media – virtually eliminating oscillation for high-precision ink placement with minimal inter-colour discrepancy.

Large format printers like canon imagePROGRAF TM5200 and canon imagePROGRAF TM5300 that have 5 colourfully pigmented ink, high surface tensions, produces lines and text that are dense and crisp with minimal feathering. The TM series boasts of Canon’s LUCIA TD inks, this series offers a wider range for user’s applications and with print resolution of 1200 X 2400 DPI because of the pigmented ink, it lasts longer than any other dye-based printouts. It can also be connected via USB, wifi with support for Cloud Print. Canon large format printers offer you great productivity and document access that is sought in the CAD industry. The imagePROGRAF TM series gives high performance and speed to the customers with image quality that is sharp as required for complex CAD drawings. It is quiet and convenient to be fit in a small office without creating much fuss and noise. The software used in this printer is made in such a way that brings out the full potential in your printer.

Highly secure

The Canon large format printers gives you full control over user privileges and device access, as well as disk encryption, safe disk erasure and data transmission encryption, result in unparalleled security.


Canon large format printers are good office companion. With low noise levels and compact designs they are perfect for in office environments. In addition, Canon imagePROGRAF series is

environmentally friendly.


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