Why does Vapes atomizer explode oil? Electronic cigarette atomizer fried oil how to do?


Why do vaping vaporizers Fry? Electronic cigarette atomizer fried how to do? In fact, the phenomenon of frying is very common in our daily use, especially beginners who just come into contact with electronic tobacco feel very upset, today sorted out 5 frying problems and solutions. What do e-cigarettes explode into? Electronic cigarette atomizer fried how to do? Cotton is actually the biggest factor! Atomized core coil center cotton is often said to be the most perfect full state, this full visual inspection is fried. If the amount of cotton is too large, the cotton in the center of the coil is too tight, which will lead to the reduction of the taste of soot, that is to say, the amount of soot used in a single atomization is reduced; If the amount of cotton is too little, it will lead to a surplus of cotton in the coil of smoke oil reserves, in the coil of rapid warming will often appear to smoke oil directly in the form of liquid explosion! Why does the finished core explode?

First of all, it is confirmed that the output power when using the finished core is a reasonable range. The frying phenomenon of my finished atomizer mostly occurs when the atomizer is stationary for too long. That is to say, there is no problem in daily use. Frying after the atomizer is stationary for half a day or longer is a phenomenon affected by the physical characteristics of cotton oil guide and oil storage. The most effective way to solve this situation is that after the atomizer is stationary for a long time, the first and second mouth can not be used directly, and the atomizer is first fired normally twice. For example, the power is too low, the coil heating speed is too slow, the coil in reaching the atomization temperature before blowing smoke 2, the smoke oil VG content used in the smoke oil should conform to the core oil guide setting. The positioning of some finished core is smoke, with very fast oil guide design. At this time, the VG is too low (50%), the smoke oil guide is too much, and the above cotton smoke oil is too much, causing frying 3. If the smoke oil is too much in the process of running the core, it will cause frying. The new use of the finished core most friends lubricating core, lubricating core too much, excess smoke oil, is bound to appear in the first and second mouth fried, which has nothing to do with the quality of the core. What other factors are there and what are elements? Aside from the amount of cotton caused by excess smoke, the other main reason for frying oil is the output power of the main engine. When it comes to frying, the soot on the cotton explodes instantly, and the power output of the main engine becomes the biggest factor. If the host output is not reasonable, even if there is no fried oil, it will affect the flavor recovery of the tobacco oil. Reasonable output is the basis of a good experience of electronic tobacco. When we use the electronic cigarette device, under the condition of a conventional coil, the output can be determined by referring to the physical voltage characteristics of the battery of the mechanical device. For example, the full charge of an 18650 battery is 4.0V-4.2V. Many mechanical rods are also used according to this physical law. Adjust the range of front and rear properly to find the G-spot. Of course, you can directly buy the stable host without adjustment, which will be more convenient and intuitive.

Is silk one of the culprits of frying? Now it is very popular to use Clapton coil, whether double or three or four core Clapton coil, quality atomization experience comes from the three-dimensional difference of the resistance value of the heating wire, creating a richer taste experience. However, when using this design coil, because some coil combination is not reasonable, the heating of the main line and auxiliary line is not consistent, finding the heating G-spot of the main line and the outsourcing line is more difficult for beginners. If you can not give up the quality of Clayton coil taste, and want to avoid the situation of frying oil, then you can pay attention to buy a better resistance with fancy coil, and pay attention to the output power of the host and the quality of cotton production,
Generally speaking, the situation of fried oil processing is more difficult than monofilaments.

Why does electronic cigarette atomizer explode oil? To sum up the problem of frying oil, in the case of the finished core, it is generally for the static time is too long, resulting in the excess storage phenomenon of soot, so when it is used again, it only needs to simulate the ignition twice to atomize the excess soot first. The phenomenon of frying in the RBA range is complex, and is related to the amount of cotton, coil type, power output, etc. These important factors also affect the probability of frying under most conditions.


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