Why is Xiaomi dedicated to RC Drone Market?


After Xiaomi flagship large-screen mobile phone Xiaomi Max and a new generation of mobile phone operating system MIUI 8 released, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi technology began to join the “Internet star broadcast” ranks, to promote new products. The surprise is that revealed in a live broadcast Lei Jun, Xiaomi UAV will be released by the end of month.

Why join the UAV market? The industry believes there are two reasons: First, the mobile phone market saturation, unmanned aerial vehicles and other emerging hardware products become the new strategy of Mobile phone manufacturers; Second, the Chinese UAV market is rapidly opened, and only DJI a unicorn, DJI Innovation involves all aspects of (the upstream research and development, systems development; midstream machine assembly And downstream sales and after three links), their UAV products market share is extremely high, Its products occupy a global civil UAV more than 50% market share, is the world’s consumer drones “big brother”, it is China UAV market “unicorn.” so Xiaomi have a great opportunity to enter the MARKET.

Aerial robots: the civilian UAV market prospects good

UAVs also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, which rely on the wireless remote control technology and autonomous flight control program. UAVs can replace humans completed air operations, and can form aerial platform, combined with other components to expand the application, it can be seen as “Air robot.”



Civil UAV divided into dedicated UAV drones and consumer two categories including professional-grade drones in pesticide spraying, fighting forest fires, the direct application of artificial rainfall areas, but coupled with other auxiliary equipment, the professional UAVs can also be applied in disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, marine environmental monitoring, and other places.

Consumer drone is generally used as aerial drones and toys, the market has just opened, but the potential is amazing.


A research institution, “2016 to 2021 Chinese UAV industry market demand forecasting and investment strategic planning analysis report “pointed out, 2014 global UAV market reached $ 6.3 billion, the next 10 years UAV market will continue to grow, In 2021 UAV market could reach $ 10 billion, and 2023 UAV market could reach $ 11.5 billion. Among them, the military UAV market accounted for 86%, Civilian UAV market accounted for 14%.

At present, the Chinese UAV current value at between 36-40 billion yuan, in 2025 is expected to, China’s civilian UAV market can rise rapidly to 75 billion yuan, is used as aerial drones and entertainment consumer market will have 30 billion yuan, eye-catching performance in the civilian UAV market; followed by agriculture, forestry, plant protection UAV market size of 20 billion yuan; security UAV market is 150 billion yuan, electricity and other UAVs will account for 50 billion yuan.

Now you know why xiaomi want to join the UAV market to release Xiaomi UAV  ?


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