Why Mobile Banking is the Future


Banking used to be a cold hard slog. Whether it was endless queues driving you nutty at the local branch or navigating a busy town to get there, it was nothing short of a chore. An essential task, yes, but a bothersome chore nonetheless for most people. In the end, in today’s digital centric world, the thought of wasting away a half hour in a busy bank is not appealing for most people.

This is where mobile banking comes in. Fast, convenient and easy to use, mobile banking is indeed the future. Here’s why:


Mobile phones are ever present on our persons. Whether it’s in the park, on the bus or on the train, there is a use for them anywhere and everywhere. You could say that they are crucial to our happiness, keeping us constantly tethered to the most important things in our lives; family, friends and the news. Of course, you can now add banking to this list.

It was inevitable, but now there are bank accounts with an app that mean you can access funds anywhere on the go. Need to pay a friend back?  Say no more and swipe the screen! Fancy double checking that your money is going where it should? Swipe again! In the end, everything can now be done instantly, rather than requiring a long trek to your local bank branch.


Banks are only open on certain days at certain times. This means that if you desperately need to withdraw or deposit some cash, you have a limited window in which to do that within. Of course, when you have jobs and kids to look after, the time in which to do this becomes bottle necked. In the end, it’s a mad scramble for many people to see their banking done.

Obviously, this isn’t true with mobile banking. Put simply, the internet doesn’t close down for the day. Twenty-four-hour availability means you can access your banking not only wherever, but whenever also. There’s no rush, mess or fuss, just whip out your phone at twelve am or pm and get to work.


When you lose your debit or credit card, mass hysteria ensues. Frantic pocket patting, wallet scrambling and looking under your furniture are the first ports of call. Then comes asking if anyone else nearby has seen your card, retracing steps, and sometimes even sitting in fun telephone queues to cancel access to your card.

However, with mobile banking, you can simply block your ATM card remotely. This means if your card is found or stolen, it can no longer be used without your say so. Obviously, features like these are hugely beneficial, giving you an extra degree of control in dangerous circumstances. In the end, the only person you must rely on with mobile banking is you, which in turns heightens security.


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