Why Mobiles Phones are most favorable for college students?


With the outburst of the internet and technology, the transmission of information has become highly convenient. The concept of smartphones has indeed worked wonders in improving communication and data sharing with a push of a button. Looking at the global population, almost all age groups now possess a mobile phone that is usually loaded with several high-end features. Interestingly, these features are very much advantageous to students who can efficiently utilize them to reap more significant interests.

Although students are known to manage most of their tasks on laptops or desktops, smartphones too can prove equally beneficial. As per the current research reports, almost 80 per cent of students belonging to American high schools owns a mobile phone. However, this flourishing trend of having a cell phone has become a raging debate among parents and educational authorities. Quite recently, Anshul Moitra, offering assignment help Australia services with a renowned online agency, TFTH issued a public poll on the effects of mobile phones on the budding youth. In addition to this, there are continuing arguments on whether to permit the students to bring smartphones in class or prohibit them from the campus. In order to gain more clarity on this issue, let us try to understand why mobile phones are favourable to students under certain circumstances.

Reasons Why Mobile Phones are Favourable for College Students

Upgrades Knowledge

The traditional classroom setup has gone obsolete because knowledge can now be received via computers, laptops and even smartphones. To be honest, the data sources for imparting knowledge have broadened with the proliferation of the internet. The need for teachers, classrooms and books have transformed into a secondary order, since having a mobile phone permits a student to check important lessons online in a fun manner without any major hassle. In actual fact, a cell phone linked to an active internet service can inspire the candidate to manage his/her studies with greater confidence as they hold the key to the world’s most extensive library with a single click. Furthermore, if you weren’t able to grasp any topic taught by the teacher, your smartphone is the quickest medium to seek an answer directly through the internet.

Emergency Assistance

It is not always about studies, but managing emergency situations become effortless with the possession of a mobile phone, says Dushyant Arora, who provides accounting homework help service via both online and offline sources. This fact is obviously true when students feel stuck in emergencies either at school or on the streets. The convenience of a cell phone allows them to quickly get in touch with their parents, family members or even avail emergency services if needed. Today, with a continuous rise in hate crime and bullying, you cannot predict what can go wrong. Therefore, having a cell phone functions as primary safety equipment which streamlines instant communication for students.

Time Management

Being a student, you need to control and manage specific tasks on time. This requires a systematic planner, together with alarms, to deliver quick reminders. Having a gadget proves beneficial, and therefore, your smartphone can correctly carry out this action. You can put alarms on your cell phone for waking up early, managing homework in the evening, exercise, tuitions etc. According to Mitul Gupta, offering essay help online service to many major universities, it is imperative to remember that time management should be given the utmost value when you are a student.

Supportive Study Environment

At present, you can definitely access various learning applications available on the internet, which are aimed at assisting school and college students. In simple words, a student can seek help through an app for the concerned subject in which he/she is failing to score good marks. Interestingly, the significant share of these apps is free to use. However, in some cases, they might ask for a small fee in order to access extended in-app features. These days, students can even search subject-wise applications that cover diverse topics which are taught in all prominent universities. In addition to this, the accessibility to both Android and iPhone users is immense, thereby, making the use of cell phones highly favourable to all students.

Location-Based Apps

One of the prime advantages of having a smartphone these days is associated with the incorporation of GPS technology. The moment you turn on the location indicator, your presence can be easily tracked; especially, in emergencies. Being a parent, keeping a track on the child does become vital if he/she is travelling at night or visiting a friend at a faraway location. Count it as a good idea to inform your child about the safety advantages of a smartphone and GPS operations. As per Bhavya Rathi, working with a popular online agency offering write my term paper for me service, usage of technology and smartphone needs to be taught diligently to students for a better and secure future.

Source of Entertainment

College students are bound to follow a rough schedule, which often leads to significant stress. However, having a mobile phone can surely distract you from the constricted routine and offer some time for entertainment like games, social media, music, movies and a lot more. With the possession of a smartphone, there is usually something or the other to keep you entertained. But one must be careful as too much inclination towards mobile phone entertainment can lead to carelessness in the long run. As per a recent spyfu review, it is the right balance of things that assures 100% success. So, if the student is capable of managing a balance between studies and leisure, then his/her success rate is bound to increase.

Flexible Form of Learning

In the past, students had to wait for their turn in the computer class or internet cafes to seek online knowledge. However, things have improved with the availability of smartphones that are loaded with comprehensive web services. These internet-enabled devices allow you to check information anytime, anywhere without any inconvenience. Hence, it is quite correct to conclude that your learning can happen at all times, without any obligatory need for a classroom or a teacher. The internet serves as a global library which also provides online classes from some of the renowned teaching professionals. Technology has indeed motivated the youth to study with patience and determination, says Thomas James, who works with trumplearning.

Since we have carefully focused on the advantages of cell phone for college students, it is also important to throw some light on the ill effects of these electronic gadgets. Below mentioned are some of the prime disadvantages of smartphones on the lives of students:

  • Sleepless Nights: Having a smartphone can turn critical when you are too much involved in its usage. According to reports, students who tend to spend too much time on their phones have reported disorders like insomnia, severe headache etc.
  • Sabotage Family Time: As a student, you are already juggling between multiple things – studies, hobbies and a lot of other things. Adding extra hours for your cell phone results in reducing time with family members. This is undoubtedly not a good habit and should be controlled as soon as possible.

To be precise, students should keep a check on their cell phone usage and use it only to the point needed.


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