Why Players Buy New World Coins from Gold4Vanilla?


The wait is over, counting days to the release of the New World from Amazon Games Studios. Are you as excited? Go ahead and buy New World coins from Gold4Vanilla.

The buzz around the release on August 31st  remains the most anticipated MMO game release this year.

The thrilling experience offered by the New World is out of this world! A game like no other.

Picture this, on an ancient island, you have the opportunity to experience the thrill of a supernatural island, but before then, you gotta fight for dominance, overcoming the dangers of a shipwreck, and much more.

But then,

What Does the New World Involve?

Some of the most outstanding features of the New World include:

  • Three classes challenging each other with their unique style
  • PvE Missions
  • 60 levels with points attached
  • Player housings
  • Talented craftsmen from across the globe
  • Fortified centers that can be conquered, overthrown, and extended
  • Weaponry that can be altered amidst a battle

The fact that you can exchange weapons when attacking your opponent is an added advantage. In this sense, Let’s say you intend to attack your opponent from a distance; you could use a bow and arrows; then, once you get closer and subdue them, you access an arrow.

What does New World Use?

Like most massively multiplayer online games, the New World uses coins. The coins are the currency that powers the economic system of the New World.

With the coins, you are empowered to buy a lot in the New World to strengthen your tact. For example, you could buy food, extend your armory, repair your weapon, buy primary stones and flower pots.

The coins also empower you to learn new skills like flying or even riding the horse. You will also need the coins to buy new spells in the New World. All these are meant to empower your fortress.

Where to Buy New World Coins

Gold4Vanilla is where to buy your New World coins. The reason being, Gold4Vanilla remains the most reliable dealer in New World coin.

Why Buy New World Coins from Gold4Vanilla?

Several others are scampering and making all sorts of claims regarding New World Coins, but none of them beats Gold4Vanilla.


1. Swift Deliveries

We have put in place a system that can handle clients’ inquiries in a matter of seconds. Once you complete the transaction, your order is delivered in minutes. We understand New World to the core, and we are firm enthusiasts.

We aim to keep you armed with enough coins to handle all your New World transactions.

2. Competitive Prices

We are your best bet when it comes to the affordability of the coins.

In the market today, our prices remain the most reasonable. So enjoy New World in peace, and allow us to keep you empowered with the coins.

3. Security

When buying your New World coins from Gold4Vanilla, security should be your least concern. We have put in place a professional system that secures your online payments 100%.

Looking to buy New World Coins? Gold4Vanilla has it all. We ensure you get your coins timely and affordably. In addition, we have coins available for all servers. It works in the same when as when players buy WoW Classic gold, pick the amount, select the faction and place the order.


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