Why should I choose ID107 over other smart Bluetooth wearable!?


If you are in the fitness market and you use some device to count your heart beats, steps, calories, etc to help you keep fit, you must know that out there there are too many gadgets doing almost the same things. Almost all companies have presented us from one with most known Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Fit, Cafago has an other proposal for us to try, ID107 seems to be a very good substitute, that you should definitely try out and I’ll prove you why!

The ID107 comes with a big non-touchable screen of 0.49″. At the lower part of the screen we see a button, integrated in the screen, which functions as home button. The screen is big enough to gather a lot of info and display it. You will be able to see incoming notifications for calls, sms, steps, heart beats and sleep monitoring. The ID107 dimensions are 22 x 2 x 2cm and weights 73g.

The ID107 is made out of Plastic and TPE and you can find it in multiple colors, in order to much your mood and character. Comes with a very beautiful design made with exquisite workmanship. The grip is made with anti-dirt and anti-scratch feature, but keeping on the same time a smooth feeling on the hand. The ID107 is compatible with android 4.4 devices and above as and IOS 7.1 and above. To connect with other device, must feature BT 4.0. In order to charge the ID107, features a specialized USB charging port (the chip can be taken out from the band).

The ID107 supports recording the heart rate, steps, calories, you can get and see on the screen text and call notification, features anti-lost mode, supports vibration for alarming the user, you can control your music from your mobile. The ID107 uses an app installed in your mobile where you can see all data gathered from the smartband.

The ID107 features the G-sensor kx022-1020 in order to understand the movement and count steps. The heart sensor is the Silicon labs Si1142, which can measure with big accuracy your heart beats. All functions are controlled by the Nordic nRF51822. The ID107 features a 70mAh battery, the same capacity with Mi Band 2.

The best of all is the price I’m going to tell you. Cafago has a Flash Sales over ID107 and is giving it almost FREE. for only 19.02$ will be yours, so hurry up!


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