Why Should You be Using a VPN?


The internet has changed the way we live our lives. Unfortunately, it seems far too common over the last few decades to read stories about cyber attacks. People have lost their savings, their identity, and lots more due to these online hackers. 

You may or may not have heard of a VPN. A good VPN can be a great tool that more and more people seem to be downloading.

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Having a VPN will Reduce the Risk of a Cyber Attack

There are many ways in which people try to improve their internet security. Creating complex, long passwords and updating their social networking security settings are great, simple changes you can make to help avoid your device from being attacked. Another simple solution people are using these days, is by running a VPN

The internet seems to use a long list of acronyms that most of us find a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, most of these will never have an impact on the way you use the internet. However, one that you might need to know is Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is a tool used for lots of different things. 

The main reason why VPNs were created was for online security. Large corporations would use a VPN to send sensitive data over networks. Nowadays, anyone can use a VPN. If you connect your mobile device or computer to the internet, you usually have a direct connection to the web. The internet has many great advantages, however, one of the main problems is hackers and cybercriminals. 

When you have a direct connection to the internet your personal data is at risk of an attack from one of these cybercriminals. Work information, bank details, pictures of your family, etc. that might be stored on your computer or smartphone are all in danger of being attacked. 

To reduce the risk of cyberattacks, lots of people decide to get a VPN. A VPN will connect your smart device or computer to a remote server located anywhere throughout the world, before connecting you to the internet. Cybercriminals find it much more difficult to find you, as there is no direct connection between you and the internet.

Using a VPN will help you to Download Torrents Safely

Many of us download torrents. However, when you are torrenting, you’re opening up your device that connects to the internet to a lot of other connections. There can be lots of dangers with this. You are sending and receiving data to and from your device. Having a VPN when torrenting is vital. Without having a VPN when torrenting you are putting your device at risk to lots of cyber criminals and other dangerous software. 

The total number of users that upload and download torrents is known as a swarm. All of these users have access to your IP address. By running a VPN your actual IP address won’t be visible, as a remote IP address will be on display. 

The other issue is that in some countries in the world, the government makes it illegal for you to download or upload torrents. If caught, you may face some serious penalties, so running a torrent can help you avoid this as the VPN will hide your genuine IP address. 

A VPN will allow you to decide your Geographical Location

Have you ever noticed when using an application like Netflix you don’t have access to movies that are available in other countries? Have you ever been denied access to a website as it is not available in the country you are located in when browsing through the internet? Well, a VPN can help you

When you connect to a VPN you have a choice of lots of different servers throughout the world. When you are connected through a server-based in another country, your computer will think that you are connected to a server in that country. So, if you are based in Bangkok, Thailand and you wanted to gain access to Netflix in Ireland, you can choose a server that is based in Dublin. 


Security is important in our daily lives. Most of us don’t leave our doors unlocked in case somebody was going to break into our homes, so why should we leave our computers vulnerable? Why should you be afraid of connecting to a public network when you connect to the WiFi in a coffee shop? Purchasing a good VPN package will add to your security, and help you enjoy surfing the web without having too much worry about becoming a victim of a cyber attack.


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