Why Teens Need Car Insurance and Auto Extended Warranty


Why do teenagers need car insurance and auto extended warranty? This is a big concern for parents, but for teenagers, it is even more important. Young people are going through a transition stage in their lives. Many times, this means that they will be spending more time driving on the road than at home. For this reason, it is very important that teenagers get car insurance and auto extended warranty before they get to drive their cars on the streets. 

Why does a teenager need auto insurance? Car insurance helps cover important costs that may arise from an auto accident. Car accidents can involve teenagers, as they are young drivers that are inexperienced. Without car insurance, some of these teenagers could have serious consequences if they are involved in an accident. In Georgia, failing to acquire an SR22 insurance Georgia coverage after a serious driving offense can cause the process of regaining the license of the motorist to start over. Teenagers may also end up paying extremely high rates because of a previous citation or violation. Clearly, safety is key and it is important to teach your young drivers the importance of being responsible. 

Auto extended warranty coverage for teens is important because this is where the parent’s responsibility can increase in financial costs. If the parent pays all of the repairs and replacement parts for the car and then the extended warranty can be extremely beneficial. Mechanical breakdowns often occur when we least expect it. At least if your young driver has the warranty on his or her car, there is less stress worrying about how to financially pay for the repairs.The benefits of this type of warranty are that the car owner is protected financially from major problems that occur during normal usage of the car. 

If you have an older car, you are not likely to want to put it on the road with teenagers behind the wheel. Teens tend to take a lot of risks when they are driving, and they are careless in doing so. Many times, these teenagers will put themselves in dangerous situations by letting the car slip out of control or swerving across the road. They may race other cars or show extreme recklessness. Both of these actions can result in devastating accidents. Having an insurance policy for teenagers will help to protect the driver and the car. Not all young drivers or teenagers are reckless or irresponsible but most of them lack experience. 

Another reason why many teens need car insurance is because of the age of their drivers. A 16- year-old is considered to be a high-risk driver by many insurance companies. This means that the car will cost more than it would if they were younger. Drivers between the ages of sixteen and eighteen are seen as higher risk, and they also carry a larger insurance price tag. Parents should not hesitate to add a teenage driver to their existing insurance policy. 

Teens can also benefit from adding their teen to their existing family policy. If they are married, their spouse will qualify for added discounts on the policy. The cost of teen car insurance can prove to be quite expensive, so it only makes sense to add them to the existing policy. This will ensure that they are properly insured and that if anything were to happen, their family is protected. 

Many young drivers are still in college and are not yet insured. It is important to remember that they can be financially devastated if they were to get into an accident. Even a single uninsured motorist can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and loss of income. Car insurance is a necessity, and with teen car insurance it is easy to find affordable rates and adequate coverage.

Car insurance is carried out by law and an auto extended warranty is what it says. It extends a warranty of a vehicle once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. In many cases, people save thousands of dollars in repair costs by having this extended coverage. 

If you are unsure where to go to purchase one, the internet has many valuable resources to get information from. A car extended warranty company will have the ability to educate you on all there is to know about extended warranties. This article focuses on the importance of safety and protection of young drivers to emphasize how dangerous driving can be. It also reminds us of taking every precaution to avoid mishaps but if they occur, which they can even in the most careful situations, it will take the stress out financially. 


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