Why the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Prioritizes ROM Over RAM


In the early days of smartphones, Apple was the leader in the industry, providing users with a seamless and intuitive user experience. On the other hand, Samsung was known for its exceptional hardware capabilities, setting the benchmark for Android phones year after year. However, in recent years, Apple has remained consistent in its approach, while Samsung has struggled to differentiate itself with its hardware offerings. As a result, Samsung’s Galaxy S series has faced declining sales in the past few years, with the S22 series selling just over 20 million units in ten months. This has led to calls for change within the company, with rumors suggesting that Samsung will focus on enhancing its ROM capacity in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series. According to industry insider Ahmed Qwaider, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will have a starting ROM capacity of 256GB, eliminating the 128GB version from the lineup.

This move is significant, as the 128GB version has become synonymous with the “budget” option for many smartphone models. By eliminating this option, Samsung is signaling its intention to compete on the higher end of the market, where users demand more storage space. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung has not made any changes to the RAM capacity of its devices. The S23 and S23+ models will continue to come with 8GB RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a 12GB version. This decision is somewhat perplexing, as Samsung previously released a 16GB version of its flagship series, and it seems odd that the company has not sought to improve upon this in the intervening years.

Furthermore, Samsung’s fast-charging technology lags behind many competitors, including domestic Android brands. For example, some Chinese manufacturers offer flagship devices with 12GB RAM as standard and even explore the possibility of introducing 16GB RAM models. Additionally, these brands are leading the way in fast charging technology, with some devices capable of charging 200W in under ten minutes.

Despite these challenges, Samsung undoubtedly has unique insights into the needs and preferences of smartphone users. It is essential to remember that Samsung’s domestic market vastly differs from the international market, and the company’s decision-making will likely reflect this. However, with increasing competition from domestic brands in the overseas market, it will be interesting to see how Samsung responds and whether the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will significantly shift the company’s approach to smartphone hardware.

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