Why You Shouldn’t Neglect the Power of Good Signage



A lot of the advertising agencies today just don’t see the importance of signs for promoting businesses, which makes them spend so much on the latest internet marketing fads like mobile apps that are largely unproven. This is not to say that online marketing is completely useless. The point is that, whatever marketing strategy you choose, you should the power of good business signage at your own peril.

By just looking at the numbers, you will readily see that traditional marketing methods, for instance, window graphics, outdoor signage, and point of purchase displays are still effective in boosting sales and traffic. Here are more reasons why you shouldn’t neglect business signage.

Lead to impulse purchases.

The US SBA or Small Business Association shows that 20-45% of the sales that a business generates result from impromptu impulse stops. Most of these are due to business signage.

In a groundbreaking study ever done on the effectiveness of signage, Better Homes and Gardens and BrandSpark surveyed more than 100,000 participants. Out of these, 30,000 of time admitted to having been drawn into stores they had never visited just because they had high-quality signage.

Good Signage puts your Message in front of your customers.

If you own a store, it would be suicidal to overlook the significance of a good sign. Good signage helps you in several ways including:

  • Building your brand
  • Putting your message right in front of your prospects
  • Provides information about what you do to people

And they do these most affordably. Once you have paid the initial amount of money to design a good open sign neon, it will continue communicating your message and attracting customers for years to come.

They Act as Silent Salespeople

Placed indoors, your in-store signage and displays will be like your silent salesmen and women. They help to push your customers towards promotions and even generating impulse purchases on items they didn’t have any idea about.

According to a University of Cincinnati Economic Center study, you can improve your sales by a minimum of 10% by replacing outdated signs or putting new ones in place.

Makes You Stand Out

Custom open sign neon will easily distinguish your business from the crowd and help you to create a unique and powerful brand in your customers’ eyes. But for this to happen, you need to know what it takes to design effective and beautiful signs. Otherwise, your sign won’t have a lot of impacts.

When you visit greenlight-innovations.com, for instance, you will find help in designing neon signage that works the most for your business without causing you a fortune.

The most important function of good signage is to stand out. In the past, grabbing passersby’s attention wasn’t difficult because there were fewer signs. However, due to the fierce competition that exists today, you will need the ingenuity to gain a competitive edge.

Each Sign Gives You an Opportunity to Delight Your Customers

Every time a customer uses a sign to learn something about you or find a destination, they will interact positively with your brand. While it doesn’t look like a big thing, eventually these interactions will add up.

This can be attributed to a concept called the mere exposure effect. This is a positive phenomenon in which people tend to like something just because of repeated exposure. Every time customers solve a problem with the help of your open sign neon, they will become familiar with your brand. Over time, they will associate it with only good experiences.

Signs Help Prevent Customers from having off-putting Experiences

Imagine that you travel to an event from a thousand miles. You could have driven a couple of hours or even flew in because there is a guest you are dying to hear speak. You reach the venue of the event but can’t quite locate the precise room just because there are no signs to help you. As a result, you miss that presentation.

You would undoubtedly be extremely angry because you traveled miles or you sacrificed money to pay the registration fee just to hear a particular guest speaking.

Apart from demanding a refund of your money, you would also go online to vent your anger and frustration, and this wouldn’t help the image of the business. To avoid customers having bad experiences like these, just use helpful signs that make it easier for them to identify the places they want.

Signs Allow You to Get Creative 

After identifying the areas where you need to put signs, the next thing you should do is determining the places that are sure to improve your customers’ overall experience.

Signs can also tell people the way of behaving and also encourage them to feel as comfortable as they can in new places. Through providing valuable information, a sign can transform an unenthusiastic experience into a pleasant one.

In other words, each sign provides an opportunity for you to impress your guests. It’s also a touchpoint for guests to interact with your brand.

Dont Disregard the Power of the Sign

Online shopping has gained traction of late due to the sprouting of virtual stores. However, according to the 2017 US Census data, it’s in the physical stores that retail transactions still happen. Even stores like Amazon, which started as online-only stores, have begun to embrace the physical store approach. It shows just how important good signage is to a business.

People who come to your retail store physically don’t give a hoot about how great your online campaigns are. If they come into your business premises and don’t get the best experience they wanted, there is no online banner or social media campaign that can bring them back.


Your signage will not be the main feature of your business. It shouldn’t be. Signage is, for most people, an afterthought. People will use and forget them.

However, if they are lacking, people will notice instantly. They will grow frustrated and be angry at the lack of information. While they may not complain outright about lack of signage, they will simply go to your competitor and that’s lost business.

Proper signage allows you to create positive event experiences that will remain etched in your customers’ memory forever.


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