Will Apple or Google Slow Sports Betting on Your Phone?


When smartphones hit the market for the first time, people became excited. Unlike the older phone models, users could now connect online, stream videos, take photos and do many other things. Sooner, many people branded smartphones as addictive and unhealthy. Some experts began advising people against spending too much time on their smartphones.

A few years later, casinos became available online. What was termed addictive earlier, became a non-issue compared to online casinos. Casinos are more innovative, and they created gambling apps to give players more options. Experts again started advising people not to spend too much time on online casinos.

The fight for control and where casinos come in

Apple and Google create operating systems for smartphones. That means they have more control over what someone does with a smartphone. You may want to ask yourself what would happen if they decided to control how you bet on your smartphone.

Online casinos invest heavily in advertising which is enticing to both new and experienced gamblers. As long as a player can make or receive payments online and have a smartphone, they can connect to an online casino and place bets. This is one of the ways that people become compulsive gamblers.

In 2018, the Supreme Court gave authority to states to prepare laws for the legalization of online betting. Since then, over three-quarters of the states have legalized online betting. Big players in the betting industry have created a wide range of online betting products. They are in a stiff competition for winning customers in the entire US market.

Since the introduction of smartphones, there has been a spirited iPhone vs. Android battle, with both working harder to take a bigger share of the market. They keep improving the operating systems by adding more features. The features make online betting better.

The system updates

Google and Apple recently updated their user guidelines and policies. They aim to make digital life healthier and more moderate. They seek to implement these suggestions before the government decides to create regulations. Activists are pushing for the tech giants to make the time users spend on smartphones ‘time well spent.’

Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone tech companies. They keep improving the phone’s features and at least release new Nokia phones each year. The newer versions have more memory and storage and can connect faster to the internet. They make the online casino gaming experience better.

If Google and Apple decide to slow online sports betting, they can do it in several ways. They may decide to limit the number of ads or notifications betting companies send to customers. They may decide to make the process of placing bets lengthier or tedious to discourage people from betting often. Another option is for them to display push ads that keep warning you about betting and asking you to seek betting addiction help.

To date, Apple still insists that the Apple store remains exclusively Apple’s store. That means the developers cannot create apps compatible with Apple OS. Although Apple and Google policies may have some kind of issues with sports betting activities, there are plenty of other things online that can be termed illegal, shameful, and unethical. It may not outrightly slow sports betting, but it’s something worth paying attention to.


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