Will better router improve Internet speed?


If you are not getting the expected internet speed that you are hoping then there could be a lot of factors that slow down your internet speed. Either your internet service provider is not providing you the exact bandwidth that they are committed or there is another problem.

While looking for a solution to increase your internet speed, you might think that Will better router improve Internet speed? Well, this is a very fair question & it should come on your mind. Read the below article to know if a better router is able to increase your internet speed.

Will better router improve Internet speed?

Usually, the speed of your internet mainly depends on the bandwidth provided by your internet service provider. But sometimes your router could be a cause to slow down to your internet speed. If you are using an old model or cheap Wifi Router then there is a possibility that your router is interrupting the speed of your internet.

Because a few years before the manufacturer of the router company doesn’t have this much technology that they have now. So if you are using an older version router and upgrade your internet plan with higher Mbps then you might not get the exact speed that you are looking for.

Here, comes your assumption true that you are thinking Will better router improve Internet speed? In such cases, a better router definitely increases your internet speed. Before we go for further negotiations, let’s sort out what are the factors that slow down our internet speed. There are three common factors that determine the speed of your internet connection. They are:

  • The amount of bandwidth you get from your internet service provider.
  • The amount of latency that your connection takes.
  • Data dropping.

The bandwidth

Before you take service from your internet service provider, you have to choose an amount of bandwidth that you want to use. For example, someone may use one Mbps bandwidth and some may use 1000  Mbps.

The higher amount of bandwidth is the smooth and internet connection that you can enjoy. So while choosing the amount of bandwidth make it higher if you need a high-speed internet connection.

Data drop

It means the reliability of your internet connection before the data transmitted to your computer to servers it travels a long way. In the meantime, if there is an issue with your internet service provider or if there is an upstream from them then the speed of your internet connection will lose because of the data drop or packet loss.

A computer is a very smart and intelligent tool it can sense if there is any data drop in your connection. When a packet loss occurred it re-request for missing data. During this process, it consumes some time and your speed gets reduced.

Data latency time

Data latency means the time that your information takes before it transmits from your computer to internet servers. If the data transmit slowly then it means your connection is high latency or if the data transmits faster then it means your connection has low latency. The lower the latency the higher the speed you can enjoy.

There are some facts that a better router could solve:

If there is no problem with your bandwidth then a better router could improve the quality of your internet speed.

New features & standards

If you are using an older model router then it is one of the main reasons that you are facing a slower speed internet connection while a modern router with high technology, hardware & processor can boost up the speed of your internet connection.

For example, an old router is 802.11N or 802.11G while a new model and better router offer 802.11AC standards. Most of the modern route is featured with high technology that could transmit the data in a faster way. Without changing your old router if you try to increase your data plan it won’t help a lot. But when you buy a high-capacity better it can boost up your speed.

A better router offers multiple bands

Modern routers are far better than an old router. They designed with high-standard, superior processors, and advanced hardware. Because of these features, they have the ability to increase your network speed with their multiple brands.

For example, if you look into an older standard model you will find only 2.4 GHz bands and the new standard router offers 5GHz bands and more update routers offer double 5GHz bands. So it is predicted that a better router with multiple bands provides high frequency and the better frequency your device will receive from your router the smooth and fast internet you will get.

Better network range

You know that the closer range that you will stay to your router the faster network you will get on your device. The old standard router has low range


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