Will Bezel-less Nubia Z11 smartphone be Meizu Copy?


Since Nubia released Nubia Z9 bezel less smartphone, we have focused on the bezel less smartphone highly. Although Nubia held the press conference about Nubia Z11 mini released, what we are looking forward to the bezel less smartphone has not been released. Today someone exposed Nubia Z11 leaked photos to use bezel-less design.


From the expose image, Nubia Z11 continues the bezel less design of Nubia Z9, it has 2.5D arc glass screen on the front to create the visual bezel less feeling. But the metal border on the two sides still are a little obvious. It’s surprised most that the home button of Nubia Z11 is the same as Meizu. Will this kind of design copy Meizu?

According to the latest news, Nubia Z11 will be powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, RAM 4GB at least, 16MP camera, 3500mAh battery, the price will be about 3000 yuan. What do you think it’s design and price? Share the news and discuss with us more.


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