Will Xiaomi Release Xiaomi MI Band 3 Smartband This Year with NFC Function?


Currently there are many different kinds of smartband on the market, the functions of those smartbands are heart rate, pedometer and alarm, but their design are almost different, heart rate function or not can be used in the first and second generation of a smartband.

Xiaomi MI band 2 has also been released,  which has added heart rate measurement and a screen, the biggest update is to see time without carrying smartphone, and heart rate function is also not very important for some people. As you know, Xiaomi mi band was released in 2014, MI band 2 released in 2016, so according to their release date, Xiaomi MI Band 3 should be released this year, if they really release MI band 3, what kinds of new functions do you want to expect?

If Xiaomi mi band 3 just adds a larger screen, Xiaomi MI band 3 will become an Amazfit MIDONG Smartwatch, so Xiaomi mi band 3 screen should not change or just add lager a little. It is said that Xiaomi MI band 3 will add NFC function, by the way, at Xiaomi MI5 press conference, Lei Jun considers NFC function as high-end technology, and currently only Xiaomi flagship smartphones have NFC function, so Xiaomi will also take this function as best highlight.

Right now there are smartbands to support NFC function on the market, the price should be over 200 yuan, $30. We guess Xiaomi mi band 3 will also sell over $30. Stay tuned.

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