WIMIUS L1 4k Waterproof Action Camera Unboxing, Hands on, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


First time i got this action camera in my hand i ask myself what WiMiUS stand for? WiMiUS, “We”, “Me”, “I”, “US”, mean the first-person view, “WiMiUS” also means that we’re a big family, We are committed to providing the best service based on customers’ needs (This is the answer from their webpage).
In this post I’m going to talk about this little device, WIMIUS L1 , we got from WiMiUS for testing purposes.

The Unboxing
It has a good looking box for display, feels solid at hand and transmit the security that your investment is well protected, indeed it is.

To reach the camera you have to pull the sleeve and then appears the real box, once you opened the L1 is revealed, then you can see that there’s another box, but this one have all the accessories:
-Tripod mount
-Helmet mount
-Handlebar mount (bicycle)
-Frame Mount (for tripod, when L1 is out waterproof case)
-3 switch adaptors
-4 security plastic ribbon
-Security metal ribbon
-Vertical mount base adaptor
-2 batteries (1000mAh)
-Carrying pouch
-Microfiber cleaning cloth
-2 3M stickers
-MicroUSB cable for charging and data
Yes, comes with everything you need to start your adventures.

The experience
The first time you have it in your hand the solid construction of the waterproof case gives you the sensation that this little cam is not cheap, and that’s surprise me.
The clap that close the lid is solid, the buttons doesn’t feel flimsy or loose, and the whole acrylic is very nice, like those expensive from known brands.

Once you take the camera from the waterproof case now you can spot the buttons, the ports and battery latches, the 2” display (not touch screen), speaker and microphone grids, a pair of led and at front the Sony MX sensor/lens.

First time you turn on the camera you will face that is ready to shoot, press the red button to start recording, but if not the case then press the power button again to enter “point and shoot” mode, is which you can take pictures (20mpx/16mpx /14mpx/12mpx/10mpx/8mpx /5mpx). Press again the power button to enter the menu mode on the screen.
In setting mode you can modify video/photo resolution and quality.
Before start recording be sure you are using a Class 10 MicroSD card for FHD recording and Class 10 U3 MicroSD card for 4k videos. You can zoom in by holding the record button and zoom out using the wifi button on the front. I was able to zoom in and out for both pictures and videos. While filming press the power button once to take a picture on the fly.
If you want to use your smartphone as wireless monitor search and install the WiMiUS app in both Apple Appstore and Google Play store. Pairing is easy, open the app the press WiFi button on camera, go to WiFi setting and search for WiMiUS hotspot and connect, then go back camera app and tap connect button on your cellphone.

Is time to talk about the video quality, I can say “Yes it take 4k videos”, but is not that good because the frame rate that is slow so ends with shoppi videos, even the 2.5k videos are simply Ok. Where I recognize it does a great job is with FHD @60fps, it takes really goods videos, and is the same with videos below 1080p res. But there’s a downside, L1 struggles with low light condition, but if you are filming outside with good light (for what this kind of gizmos were made) then you have beautiful videos and pics.
The stabilization is Ok, it’s supposed to have a mechanical gyroscope but since i can’t disassembly the camera I can’t confirm, but I think this use a software stabilization system.
Plus+ if you connect the sportcam to the computer you can use it a webcam with FHD capabilities (no sound, just video).

If you are looking for an ActionCam with a tight budget then WiMiUS L1, for around 60-70 US dollars, is your weapon of choice, I found that is one of the best “entry” level sport cams out there, since it use almost the same hardware of the famous SJCAM 4000 with an updated Ambarela chip. Right now you can buy from Amazon at  $73.99, and get it from ebay at $75.99


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