Wingsland S6 – The thinnest 4K drone in the world!


Wingsland S6 is the smart phone of the drone industry. The China-based company describes the S6 as “the smartphone of the drone industry,” because it’s apparently the “thinnest 4K drone in the world.” The S6 is about the same size as an iPhone 6 and boasts a 4K camera, follow-me feature, and auto-return home ― it can even dance to music.


Weighing only 230 grams, with its 4k camera and many features you will be able to take the best photos and videos from all different heights and angels. The design appears to be very futuristic that the hand drawn image will leave no chance than admire it and love it at the very first sight. Tell me if I am wrong! See it for yourself.


The ‘Follow Me’ mode means you can ride your bike, skateboard, play your sports or record family occasions without even needing to hold a controller, The Wingland S6 can fly its self so no one has to be standing behind the camera. The Wingsland S6 has multiple attachments: toy mini cannon gun, search light, emoji display board (so you can tell your partner you ❤ them from the sky), and object avoidance. Not all the features may appear to be good ideas (a mini toy gun?), but they do demonstrate possibilities of the tech.


Its object avoidance sensors and auto take-off/landing capabilities hugely decrease any chance of damage to the S6, Its fold away arms also make it easy to store without worry of snapping off parts. GPS and GLONASS Dual satellite navigation guarantee precise navigation and hover for outdoor flying, for indoor positioning where GPS in unavailable the Infrared and Optical flow sensor system will ensure the S6 knows where it is.


Losing your S6 is incredibly difficult with the low battery alarm and 2 return settings. The Wingsland S6 will fly back to its original take off position or to the operator’s position.


Operation is a breeze using the intelligent APP on almost any Android and iOS smart phone. Using this application, Beginner, normal, course lock and home point modes are all options. Your videos can be edited in the Wingsland S6 APP adding subtitles, combining your footage and adding music. Using its precision flying sensors fantastic 360 photos are made possible of your location in or outdoors.


The Wingsland S6 will be the smartphone of drones. It blows the ‘Dobby Drone’ out of the water and It weighs 6 times less than the ‘DJI phantom 4’ but hosts many of the same features. If DJI is the drone world’s “DSLR”, then Wingsland S6 can be seen as the “smartphone”. Light, smart, portable, it has all the features that you expect on a drone, but more functions can be added through compatible accessories. Itis like an aerial robot. The perfect buy for any one who wants a serious drone!

Update on Aug. 2, 2017:
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