Wingsland X1 Micro Module Racing Drone with Optical Flow Positioning BNF Review Sponsored by @Geekbuying


The Wingsland X1 Racing Drone is a medium-sized midrange quadcopter, which we think is a great product and these days the Geekbuying store is selling it at a very competitive price. The X1 is WINGSLAND’s 1st FPV racing drone, aims to make drone racing popular, just for everyone.


The drones from the house of Wingsland can be recognized quickly by the orange color. The designs are innovative and the materials used are of high quality. The modular body design simplifies the repair and maintenance. One can choose from a small but high-quality product range which drone one needs for which purpose. Anyone looking for the full range of many features and features can opt for the Wingsland X1 drone. It is the Cheap drone from the house of Wingsland, but also the drone that can do the most. The design of the Wingsland X1 drone is unique and futuristic, simplifies the repair and maintenance. The propeller guards and the composite aircraft body material ensure you an ultra-safe flight. It has some unique features and pretty much all the functions the flying heart desires. The weight of the Wingsland X1 is 70 grams, the battery finally, Li-Po S1 3.7V 600mAh that requires 30 mins to fully charge in Express mode. It offers a flying time of about 7 minutes. The design and compactness of the X1 deserve special attention, the modern trends are clearly traced, the drone without exaggeration is compact, the appearance is futuristic, the designers have done a great job. Wingsland has Various Color Option its Depend on you which color do you like.


The Wingsland X1 drone has Aerobatic flight of continuous 360-degree rotation Camera towards various directions. With it, breathtaking and extremely detailed aerial photographs can be taken. A built-in FPV function (First Person View) allows the pilot to fly the quadcopter from a cockpit perspective. The live images of the camera are sent in real time to the smartphone of the pilot. This can be mounted on the supplied remote control and always sees where the drone is at the moment. The WIFI enabled FPV camera is mounted on the aircraft, to broadcast the live video to the pilot on the ground. It allows you to track the recorded images directly and live. The X1 is able to hover indoor accurately with the optical flow positioning system. The accurate and professional flight control system was based on years of research and development by Wingsland. Optical flow sensor ensures the most stable and accurate altitude hold. Flight telemetry data is displayed to the pilot in the app, which is free for iOS and Android users.


The WINGSLAND X1 is helped to redefine the experience of “Racing” drone. The modular body design allows you to take it anywhere you want at any time. Right now You can buy from Geekbuying at $99.99


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