Wltoys 18628 Review: 1/18 6WD Electric Off-Road Rock Crawler Climbing RC Buggy Car For Just $59.99 at TOMTOP


Wltoys 18628 to experience the heavy-duty off-road vehicle with 6 wheels! Its powerful motor and all-terrain tires serve to overcome all obstacles on its way. Moreover, the full proportional throttle control creates more fun in driving, you can also break to a halt at any time.

Buy Wltoys 18628 1/18 Off-Road Rock Crawler RC Buggy Card at $59.99


The Wltoys 18628 RC car has been designed to withstand a range of different road conditions such as sand, mud, mountain, etc. The professional shockproof system enables the frame of the WLtoy to make the toy car durable against sudden shocks. The Wltoys 18628 RC Car is Made of high-quality ABS material, it features a full proportion 1/18 scale monster truck car design, Four-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorbers, and independent metal differential, which can steadily move forward and backward, turn left and right. The TPR tires conquer all terrain and can prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively. The extra little wheel at the rear bottom of the car is for 360°flip running performance. Moreover, the car is designed to waterproof when running along the beach or creeks, perfect to decrease negative effects by water-splash or moisture. The six-wheel drive RC car can deal with different road conditions, including sand, mud, mountain, etc. The full proportional throttle for you to control the speed as you wish. You can slow it down easily with the brake function. Two rows of dazzling LED lights make it possible to drive at night.


The six-wheel drive Wltoys 18628 RC Car are getting more and more popular so WLtoys has released their own 1:18 scale 6WD crawler. The new WLtoys 18628 is equipped with not less than three 130 brushed motors, so each wheel axle has its own dedicated motor. This mode of supplying power is interesting and that is because it’s also efficient, no need for differentials, drive shafts and complicated CVD’s to transmit power from a single large motor. The suspension was also adapted to the 6WD system and it’s very soft to permit flex for rock crawling. The rest of the car is also redesigned and different from the cheaper models, the 18628 comes with two spare tires, 5 LED lamps, and rubber tires. Although in the above picture you see a steering trimmer this WLtoys model will come with a proportional steering TX / RX system. The included transmitter has two channels and includes steering and throttle trimming for better response of the car, while the working frequency is what is now consider standard: 2.4GHz, the specified maximum range is 80 meters and it’s more than sufficient for a car of this size.


Wltoys 18628 RC Car is an incredible gift for your kids, your youngsters will find it irresistible very a great deal, bring together your personal toy. it may be very thrilling, difficult to children’s thoughts if it’s miles fixed randomly, Stimulates youngsters’ mind improvement. grab you a superb toy for your youngsters on TOMTOP Just at $59.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping

Buy Wltoys 18628 1/18 Off-Road Rock Crawler RC Buggy Card at $59.99


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