WLtoys A979-B 70KM/h High Speed Monster RC Car Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


The brand of RC cars WLtoys is recognized worldwide for its radio controlled vehicles of all types and for all ages, from 1/8 scale cars to scales much smaller as 1/32 for the smallest of the house. The modern WLTOYS A979-B with 1:18 scale and robust housing with high quality will give you and your baby a lot of fun (+14). Thanks to the special tires, the car is easy to drive for both amateurs and advanced drivers.


Thanks to the simple and aesthetic design of the transmitter it is possible to quickly and easily access all the functions of the vehicle. This provides convenient and precise guidance for increased driving pleasure. The range of the transmitter is up to 100m. The color of the transmitter has been selected to emphasize its sporty character and offered vehicle speed. The WLTOYS A979-B upgrade of the A979 high-speed car still holds the 1/18 ratio but has made significant changes in composition, allowing for speeds up to 70km / h. Typically, the metal transmission shaft replaces the previous plastic, larger engine, and is equipped with active heat sinks with a fan instead of heat dissipation through conventional metal, some of which are also replaced with metal. to meet the high speed of moving.


The high-quality brush motor allows the model to accelerate up to 70 km / h. At such high speeds, it is necessary to have some guidance and rapid reaction of the model to the command of the apparatus. In addition, thanks to tires with special tread, we get an excellent grip on any terrain and weather conditions. The built-in 1500mAh battery provides us with up to 8 minutes of driving time (about 120 minutes). This remote control car comes fully assembled and ready to run. It also includes everything necessary for its operation 2.4Ghz long-range and interference-free transmitter, a LiPo 2S (7.4V) 1.500mAh battery that guarantees a range of between 8 and 10 minutes, and a charger. The battery is totally accessible and can be easily removed and put, so you can have extra batteries to change it in a moment and continue with the fun. In short, this RC car will leave you amazed like us: thanks to its high speed and a great capacity to adapt to any terrain (even sand) you will experience the great pleasure of driving radio control. Do not be scared by its maximum speed.


Has the time come to buy an RC car? Do you want to buy a cool RC car and spend less money for maximum enjoyment? If so, we highly recommend this WLtoys A979 – B vehicle to you. With built-in superior power motor and four-wheel independent suspension system, there is no excuse for a bad playing! You can buy from Tomtop at $75.15 use coupon code: A979B and 120 points to enjoy the price

Update on Nov.11, 2018

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