Wltoys F8 Dobi Review: Intelligent Humanoid Robot Control With Voice/APP Best Toy Gift For Children (Coupon Inside)


Wltoys F8 Dobi is a humanoid robot controlled by an application and Voice. He is able to perform very precise movements. Wltoys F8 Dobi has a variety of functions, it can dancing, singing, play Kung Fu, football, yoga and tell the story. Like a friend to play with your kids and make them happy.


The robot is designed in the size of 480 * 230 * 143mm and its weight About 869g. It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic and aluminum alloys, which absolutely does no harm to people’s health. The robot walks like a man, function with a human gait walking, and have voice control function, you can control the robot by your voice, a very different robot from others. And make your life with high-technology, live in a quality colorful environment. The entire machine body uses the environmental material, safe and non-toxic for children, a good companion.


F8 Dobi has 17 servo joints and a 6-axis gyro to provide flexibility and a gait planning algorithm for human-like walking. Each of the servos has its own ID, enabling a certain joint to rotate or move. Besides, it has a self-balancing system so that he can get up on his own after falling down. It has a voice recognition system, Self-stabilizing system, the robot can stand up by itself if it falls down, no longer worry about it will break or damaged by your naughty kids.With high-tech and providing a different experience to your kids. Passive learning, you can hold the robot arm to write, teaching him as a man, making your kids as a teacher and adding confidence to him. F8 Dobi RC Robot can connect APP, LED eye matrix, you can connect several robots with one mobile device and control the robot with the app. Remote control distance up to 20 meters. A totally wonderful RC robot for your family. Wltoys F8 Dobi has built-in Bluetooth 4, you can connect several robots with one mobile device and control them with the app. The app is specially designed to control it for dancing, performing martial art, yoga and telling the story. The control distance can up to 20 meters.


Wltoys F8 Dobi is programmable and has various built-in programs including dance, yoga and martial arts which can be controlled from up to 20 meters away via an app that is available for iOS and Android. The Wltoys F8 Dobi, the first humanoid robot for the whole family. It is programmable, interactive and affordable. You can buy from RCMoment at $293.79 if you use This Coupon Code: SALE10 and 120 points for Discount


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