WLtoys F959S Review – RC Airplane Fixed-wing SKY-King For Just $79.99 at TOMTOP


Conquer the air? WLtoys F959S RC Airplane is a 2.4G 3CH truly RTF aircraft. You are able to fly it with almost no learning curve, doing 360’s and touch-and-goes (just clipping the grass) on the first flight. That’s the perfect place to learn how to fly and to develop your skills at flying.

Buy WLtoys F959S RC Airplane from TOMTOP


The whole set is made from EPO, strong impact resistance, 100g only. Smooth appearance, three-channel backward pusher glider, reasonable aerodynamic configuration. The folding propeller can be stored when sliding, less resistance. The flight controller adds a gyroscope to make the flight more stable. Transmitter has a large and small rudder setting. The small rudder is suitable for beginners, and large rudder can easily make somersaults and spirals


WLtoys F959S RC Airplane Built-in 6-axis gyro design, which makes the flight more stable and smooth. With a high-speed discharge battery, the flight time is more than 15 minutes and the planning time is more than 20 minutes. WLtoys F959S RC Airplane come with everything you need for a successful first flight in a box plane, radio control transmitter, battery, and USB charger. And almost no assembly is needed. In fact, you can have a WLtoys F959S RC Airplane ready to fly in less time than it will take to charge the battery.


You can find this amazing WLtoys F959S RC Airplane in the TOMTOP.com at a price of $79.99 with an incredible discount with Duty-Free Shipping, If you want to appropriate this RC Airplane you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy WLtoys F959S RC Airplane from TOMTOP


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