Wltoys Q343 ,JJRC H31, Striders S6 RC Quadcopter Specs, Price, Review


Today we would like to introduce three latest new arrivals in rc quadcopter, they are  Wltoys Q343 , JJRC H31, Striders S6 RC Quadcopter , about Wltoys Q343, a pocket drone, it has been released for some time and very hot right now which is very light and portable, as for JJRC H31, it is the latest waterproof rc drone and Striders S6 can be a rare inverted remote control quadcopter we have ever seen with special and cool design.

Check Wltoys Q343 pocket quadcopter main features:


WiFi FPV system allows real time image transmission with WiFi connection between the quadcopter and your phone.
Air pressure altitude hold / atmospheric pressure sensitive height hold function improves aerial photography and video recording performance.
With automatic return function, the copter will automatic returning and landing when lost connection or signal received interference.
With attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot “loss of orientation” problems.
360 degree flip / rollover function makes your aircraft turning around and around likes an excited bird, let’s enjoy more fun of rolling.
0.3-mega-pixel camera gives you a real-time image / video as you were nearby.
Side flight function shows the good balance keeping performance and a big stunt potential.
You can also enjoy some basic functions: Forward / backward / up / down / turn left / turn right / hover.

Check JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone Main features:


Waterproof: Enjoy the fun near a pool, lake, river, even drop into the water. Quadcopter’s circuit board supports waterproof function, although quadcopter is submerged in the water, it can work well after picking it up from water
2.4GHz control system: Ensures the stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal
Headless intelligent orientation control: This feature means that the direction of the drone depends on the user rather than the drone itself
6 axis gyro: Providing the awesome stability during indoor and outdoor flight
LCD display: It shows more details for your convenience to control this quadcopter
360 degrees rotation: Professional cool and excellent flight action
Experience level: For beginner player
Cool: It can flight with deformed propeller
Changeable battery: Easy to charge and replace, enjoy your long flight experience without the worry of battery power shortage
Colorful LED light: Suitable for flying in the dark at night

Check Striders S6 Main features:


This normal flight and inverted flight quadcopter with the flexible control system is very suitable for beginner.
6 axis gyro fly system contributes a more sensitive of gyro’s regulating, more stable and flexible flight.
2.4GHz transmitter power ensures the strong anti-jamming capability.
Movements trimming could trim the quadcopter doing left / right / forward / backward adjustments.
3D rollover and stable hovering are professional actions in a quadcopter, but now they are available in this RC stuff.
Flashing LED creates an interesting flight at night.
Cool appearance and smooth design, thus, it can be a great collection for your own and a perfect gift for kid or RC toy fan.

Therefore, whether Wltoys Q343 pocket drone ,JJRC H31 waterproof drone, or Striders S6  inverted remote control quadcopter, they all are suitable for beginners to fly. They all can realize your dream for freedom, right now Wltoys Q343 only takes at $29.08 by using 8% off coupon code: GDGB, and JJRC H31 at $29.80 by 8% off coupon code: GDGB and  Striders S6  at $23.78 by this 8% off coupon code: GDGB. So which one will you choose first?


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