WOMOW Scrubber S22 Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $799


Everyone likes a clean and comfortable living environment. After all, it can bring a better feeling to the heart and body. In addition to the layout and design of the home, daily cleaning has become a very critical part. As a person who loves cleanliness and likes to clean up the room, we basically have a lot of cleaning supplies in our house. Fortunately, technology is advancing, functions are being upgraded, and products are becoming more and more automatic and intelligent. After many comparisons, I started with this WOMOW Scrubber S22 Vacuum Cleaner.

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Let’s take a look at the details of the product design first, the switch, gear adjustment button, and self-cleaning button are arranged on the handle, and the handle design also takes into account the user’s usage habits, which is not only convenient to hold but also easy to operate the buttons. The cleaning system adopts the design of separation of clean water and sewage, which can keep the whole system clean to the greatest extent. When the dust and stains on the roller brush reach a certain level, it will remind to clean the roller brush.


The high-definition LCD screen becomes the eyes of the S22, which can display the power, cleaning mode, air drying, sewage bucket, and clean water bucket, etc. Of course, when the power is turned on, you can also see the logo of Wanmo. The entire display is very high-end and atmospheric. The floor brush adopts a capless design, which can well solve the problem of corner cleaning.

Easy To Use

In fact, for floor cleaning experts, although the floor cleaning of the whole house with a floor sweeper is carried out almost every two days, when you use the floor washing machine to drag it again, you will still find black water in the sewage bucket, such as Saying that my balcony plants have been maintained, or that I want to clean the wet floor of the bathroom that I just took a shower, the Wanmore S22 can do it all in 30 seconds to one minute.


This is a floor scrubber that will mop, scrub, and self-clean. When cleaning, vacuuming, (wet) mopping and drying are one-stop completion. The ergonomic handle and buttons allow me to easily complete the cleaning with one hand. In the process, the intelligent human-computer interaction, intelligent frequency conversion self-cleaning, etc. have also made it possible to experience the comfort of “people-oriented science and technology”. This makes cleaning an easy pleasure too.


Of course, what I value more is the very good self-cleaning system of this machine. The air-drying function can effectively solve the problem of mildew on the roller brush. Whether it is summer or winter, it can achieve a complete all-round air-drying without dead ends. Not only the cleaning effect is very good, but it is also very easy to take care of in the later stage. You only need to clean the sewage tank and leave the rest to Wanmore S22.

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Where To Buy

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