Worlds First Commercial VR Bicycle made by 3T-Scope


The VR industry has seen an explosion of growth, making it an extremely lucrative business. Having said that, VR content seems to be confined to the areas of film and game. 3T-Scope a company based in Shanghai recently announced they were developing VR that would be integrated into sports and fitness.The company announced a brand-new VR bicycle, which has drawn a lo of attention from all corners of the industry.0e98e8db-a4de-4ec6-84cc-1fdeabbb7ff6
The V-Scope virtual fitness bicycle is designed and developed by 3T-Scope. This company has noticed the potential of a rapidly growing industry and have worked tirelessly to combine fitness bicycle and VR since the concept of VR emerged several years ago. An insider involved in the project stated “You can sense that there is little difference between virtual and real bicycle. You can even feel the excitement of the sprint moment. VR bicycle is really vivid and it feels like that one is personally on the real bicycle.”

In order to create the full experience of the VR bike, V-Scope VR bicycle is equipped with electric cylinder to reproduce the full experience of the sprint in top grade bicycle riding, it has all the adjustments that come with cycling including climbs,descents as well as pedaling. It is designed for the modern person who is very time poor and who dont have the time to keep in shape. With V-Scope VR bicycle a user can select a ride along the mountain road and never venture outdoors.

3T-Scope is reported to be devolping scenarios that bike users love with an online network function that will achieve game interaction and VR social contact. “The worldwide users can try V-Scope VR bicycle through network in this way.” An insider pointed out the promising future of this product.


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