WoW Classic Season of Mastery Game Guide: Players Should Know How to Level Fast During Exploration


Players may often spend more time on fighting against cruel bosses and exploring various quests in WoW Classic game. It is a long way for players to level up their character in the game. They may have difficult in the battles against bosses and struggle in resurrecting after failing in the battles. It is hard for them to find a moderate way to level up their character.

Additionally, players are willing to go to a new zone, choose all various quests and try to complete them for XP or Rewards. But, sometimes, in the beginning of the game, novice players often are in low levels. They may have risks in completing these quests. And the enemies will improve damage against players due to the low level of character. Moreover, players can buy WOW Classic SOM Gold to search for the essential items that used to assist the questing in the game.

So, players should learn some guide for WoW Classic Season of Mastery, you will find some easy ways to level up your character and enjoy yourselves in playing this game.

Players Should Focus on Questing at First

If you expect to upgrade your character quickly in WoW Classic Game, you need to decide the goals you want to achieve in the game, the ways to fast leveling. The first goal in the game is to reach level 60 quickly. You can decide to choose the best Season of Mastery classes and know the way to level up your character.

The basic way to gain more XP for leveling is questing. Players can get stable XP from the constant questing. You will gain more from the special Season of Mastery quest XP buff. It is the most simplest way of leveling in this game. In the process of questing, you are able to travel around various zones, look for the key locations, and gather some normal gear on the way. However, there are also other players who have the same goals in this zone. You need to compete against them for rewards.

Players who has well-organized teams can try to explore dungeon spamming, it can bring more XP and rewards for your team. However, you need to summon a good team in advance and farm this quest for a long time.

Players Can Try to Mob Grinding

When it comes to Mob Grinding, it is usually boring for players to grind monsters for hours. And it may not suit for every player. But, players can tolerate the process of the grind can obtain more money and drops from enemies. They can use them to upgrade their character, and collect more resources. You will reach Level 40 quickly by this way.

Players Should Stay Calm in Leveling

If players want to improve the leveling efficiency in WoW Classic, you need to stay calm in the process of leveling. You should focus on the main process of gaining XP from questing rather than trapped in the boring wandering around the zone.

When you have finished one quest in time, you will be pushed into next level. The new levels will bring you new skills. You may have more skills through different levels. Then you should focus on the definite function of these skills which can be used in the next journey of WoW Classic Game.

It is important for players to keep the improvement of XP from questing. When players are traveling around the world in WoW, they should keep pace of monsters they meet on the way. You don’t care about what the monsters are and will receive some XP from the exploration. It will help your character grow in the long terms.

In addition, players should be careful of the ore or herbs on the way. You are able to pick them up and put them in your inventory. It will help you a lot when you are going to upgrade related gathering professions in WoW Classic Game.

Players are welcome to the new series of WoW Classic Season of Mastery, they wish to experience the new story and the fantastic bosses in the exploration. Meanwhile, if players expect to equip great weapons or gear for their character, they can Buy WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold to purchase them from the market or trade with other players in the game. They will find that it is beneficial for exploration with the help of better weapons. Cheap WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold are available on


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