WPS is fully Connected to Mi MIUI 13 New System Font MiSans for Free Commercial


Kingsoft office announced that its WPS has full access to MIUI’s new system font MiSans, which can be downloaded and used by all WPS users for free.

Users click “Insert” menu in WPS Office client, select “mi fans husk Material”, and search for “MiSans”. Or go to the WPS Office client “Start” TAB to find the font selection box and search for “MiSans” to use for free.

MiSans is a new system font built into MIUI 13, released with the system. MiSans pen is flat and powerful, with a more simple design that reduces visual burden and is more conducive to screen display. It contains 29,093 characters and supports multiple languages. MiSans offers a variety of OpenType features that can be used to select characters of different shapes based on specific requirements. For example, some punctuation marks can be automatically adjusted to fit the shape of the surrounding letters. MiSans word weight complete, clear hierarchy, 10 word weight all open download, free commercial for the whole society.

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