WZATCO S5 DLP 4K Projector 5 Solid Reasons For Buying


The WZATCO S5 Projector has replaced the once-popular T-5 model and is essentially its slightly improved modification but without a built-in battery. Before us is the same compact DLP projector of the “you can always carry it with me” type.

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The WZATCO S5 received a rather thoughtful and interesting design. The matte surface, with a neat panel of navigation keys, looks aesthetically pleasing. A closed design that protects the optics, in combination with a two-section perforation for the cooling system, for air intake and exhaust, in the future, significantly extends the actual service life. The dimensions are no longer as compact as we are used to seeing in pocket projector models, but for that, there are more connection ports, and the device itself looks more reliable and serious.


Due to the automatic image angle adjustment, the projector can be easily installed in any part of the room relative to the projection screen. The optimal distance in this case will be about 2.8-3 meters to the projection area. This will give you a 100-inch image. You can do more, but then the quality and detail of the picture will noticeably drop. And also copes with the decoding and playback of 4K content without any problems. Due to the optimal amount of built-in storage, you can install the most popular applications for android-tv. Watch YouTube videos, play streaming videos, and even play light casual games. The wireless components maintain a stable connection to the Internet.


The presence of pre-installed Android 6.0 in combination with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory allows you to use the projector as a ready-made multimedia solution without the need to buy a TV box or connect the device to a computer.


For a portable type of device, the WZATCO S5 has a decent volume margin, which is provided by as many as two speakers of 8 watts each. Alas, we did not find a built-in battery in any of the presented versions. However, the included 12-volt power supply looks quite handy to carry around and keeps the device in the portable category.

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