X21 Smart Sport Wrist Band Review on Design, Features and Coupon


The X21 smart sports wrist band is a feature-rich fitness tracker with a simplistic appeal like the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers. It comes in multiple colors with an affordable pricing


The X21 smart fitness band comes with a rectangular shaped display enabled with touch-sensitive button to access its various functions. The easily replaceable TPU material band makes it very comfortable to wear. It is a IP67 certified waterproof device which will allow the user to wear it comfortably even when it is raining.


The size of its OLED display is 0.73 inches and the device has a power efficient Nordic nR51822 chip inside. It is powered by Li-polymer 60mAh battery that takes only 1 hour to charge fully. It can be paired with an Android (v4,3 and above) or an iOS device (v7.0 and above) with v4.0 Bluetooth pairing.

Once paired with a smartphone, users of X21 will be able to view notifications for messages and calls on the small screen of the X21 smart sports wrist band. It is enabled with various fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitor, calorie intake counter, sedentary reminder, sleep tracker and arrhythmia alert.


To sum up, the X21 smart sports wrist band is simple yet versatile fitness band and comes with a cheaper pricing compared to similar products from well-known brands like Fitbit and Xiaomi. The X21 smart band is available with a discounted pricing of $16.99 on Geekbuying by using the X21BAND coupon code. Otherwise, its regular price is $22.99.


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