Xbox Vs. PS4: Which Will Help You Relax After School


One of the greatest debates of our time concerns two popular gaming consoles; with Xbox fans on one side and PS4 lovers on the other, gamers battle over the best gaming console of all time. While it’s true that both consoles are excellent for gaming and feature the best processors and superior graphics support, there can only be one winner.

After studying, you usually want to relax, play your favourite games. Especially if you searched for free essays online and wrote your own on these examples. The learning process can be exhausting. Well, the game console can help to relax and find new strength.

So, we’ve decided to put an end to the battle of consoles and pitch in our opinion on both devices. Most of the time, consoles serve as the primary form of relaxation amongst school-going kids and teenagers, so our analysis will revolve around the specs of each device that make it ideal for after-school gaming sessions alone, or with friends and family.

Let’s begin!

  1. PS4 Vs. Xbox One Prices

When it comes to price, both devices have the same base price. The Xbox One and PS4 both start at around $250 to $300 in North America. The range is due to bundle offers and promotions that help reduce the cost of the basic gaming console. Often, there will be sales that place either or both devices below $250, too, depending on the season and stock availability.

However, there are more expensive versions, too, like the PlayStation 4 Pro that is valued at $400, or the Xbox One X that costs $500. However, the primary version of both costs the same, so there is no significant comparison in this area.

  1. Xbox Vs. PlayStation Games

The formula for this segment is fairly straightforward; the PS4 can run more games than the Xbox can. This sets the PS4 above other gaming consoles, including the Xbox One. These games can only be accessed through a PlayStation 4 device, and nowhere else.

Sony’s PS4 can support games like the “Unchartered” series, “Bloodborne,” “God of War,” and “The Last of Us.” Sadly, none of these games run on the Xbox One. However, most games that are developed by non-Sony game creators can be played on either device. Popular choices include the “Assassin’s Creed” series, “Call of Duty,” and “FIFA Football.”

The problem with game quantity has slowed the Xbox from reaching the number one position in the realm of gaming consoles. This issue has been there ever since the launch of the Xbox, but to date, Microsoft has not been able to overcome it.

There simply aren’t enough exceptional games that can only run on the Xbox. However, we certainly do have some crowd favorites like “Halo” ad “Forza,” but these aren’t enough to let the Xbox compete with the PS4. So, when it comes to game choices and availability, Sony’s PS4 takes the cake.

  1. Xbox One Vs. PS4 Specs and Services

Both platforms, Sony and Microsoft, offer similar services. You can access online multiplayer mode through either console and even play some “free” games if you subscribe to their online gamer platforms or memberships.

Sony has the PlayStation Network, and Microsoft has Xbox Live. Both of them are remarkable service platforms. They both cost around the same amount a year: roughly $60. They both have their own renditions of online streaming platforms-similar to Netflix, but for games. Sony has PlayStation Now, and Xbox has Game Pass.

With PlayStation Now, users can play over 650 games on their PS4 or PC. This costs either $20 a month or $100 a year, depending on how you choose to pay.

The Xbox Game Pass offers over 100 original games and costs just $10 a month. New Microsoft-only releases like “Halo” and “Forza” also show up on Game Pass at the time of their launch, which is an excellent reason to own an Xbox One. This means that you can gain access to some of the most popular games for just $10 a month, whereas the PlayStation 4 demands you pay around $60 per game.

When it comes to services, both devices are excellent. However, the Xbox wins in this segment thanks to its $10 deal, which makes it particularly great for school-going kids and teens who can’t afford to pay exorbitant amounts for a game or subscription.

The Xbox certainly offers a lot of free games, PLUS access to some of the most sought-after games for a fractions-worth of the original price thanks to its $10 subscription. Most students have to pay for games and subscriptions from their own pockets, which is why Microsoft is the obvious winner in this category.

  1. Controllers

Both consoles have controllers that offer comfortable gameplay. They both fit snugly into the gamer’s hands but contain many buttons that can easily confuse a beginner. However, you can adjust to them with time, after which using these controllers will become remarkably easy.

At the end of the day, controller choice depends purely on personal preference. You can pick whichever one you like depending on the kind of design you like.

In conclusion, we can see that both devices are remarkably powerful and can run all sorts of games. However, when it comes to student life, the Xbox One is certainly better because of its $10 subscription offer. This makes the Xbox light on the pocket while still giving access to a number of remarkable games that are only available on Xbox. On the downside, you may not be able to play a few games that you PS4-user friends play, but you certainly won’t run short of pocket money with the Xbox One, which is more important for school-going kids and teens.


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