Xiao D8 Mini Review – Folding Electric Scooter at $340 From Gearbest (Coupon)


In these times, Scooters have become very popular, is not only a safe means of transport but also a fun scooter, for which, with each launch, we seek to meet our requirements, so we have an infinity of options to choose from. Today I want to present you Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter, who comes to fill our days with excitement, so if this is what you are looking for!

Buy Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter From Gearbest


The Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter does not differ much from the minimalist design that its companions have, presenting a skateboard image without many details that stand out, therefore, it is ideal to go out for a walk and go unnoticed in the crowd. As expected, its manufacturing material is an aluminium alloy that guarantees us greater durability and resistance, likewise, it gives it that characteristic colour, that is, a grey hue with red elements. In this classic form of Scooter, it shows that we are facing a complete vehicle. From presenting an image easy to manoeuvre until we remember every important detail while we walk the streets on top of our scooter, with this we refer to some LED lights that cannot be missing to avoid any danger at night, signalling to other drivers and pedestrians that we are passing.

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Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter has 8.5-inch tires and rubber wheels that are non-slip. A genius to be able to walk in any scenario without difficulty, be it from a wet ground to a rustic concrete. Being an adventure riding on two wheels. If we are sure of something, it is that it will be ultra-easy to carry the Xiao D8 Mini Electric Scooter, since it has a folding design. Equipped with a powerful 350W motor. Allows us to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h and apart from that. If we need to bend down to enjoy our trip. We can do it at about 16-20 degrees without losing control. Emerging as a device designed for the safety of the user.

The D8 Mini Electric Scooter has a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 7.8Ah. This means that we can travel up to about 30 km before running out of charge. On the other hand, it is rechargeable and it will only take you to reach 100%, from 4 to 5 hours.


Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter has a forward-thinking design that inspires and moves, just as it moves you ahead. Strong yet lightweight The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminium, which has a low density and high structural strength. You can find this amazing Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter in the Gearbest.com at a price of $340 with an incredible discount by using Coupon Code: C530C79C901EB000.

Buy Xiao D8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter From Gearbest


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