Xiaofang Smart IP Camera| 1080P Dual Lens Panoramic View Smart WIFI IP| Design, Features, Review| Price Just $39.99


Xiaomi showed the new IP camera Hualai Xiaofang Smart Camera. The novelty received a very compact case, a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication and a gyroscope, which will eliminate the filling of the horizon. It is reported that the device will be able to work as a video surveillance camera, and also has a motion detector that starts recording 10-second video in Full HD and writes a notification to the smartphone. The camera will only work from the mains or external battery. The cost of the device is not yet reported.


Xiaofang Smart IP Camera has a rectangular, rigid body shape with dimensions of 101 x 36 x 36 mm, a tripod mount and two camera sensors. Each of them offers a 210-degree lens and aperture f2.0, and the picture they shot is automatically glued into a 360-degree sphere. In addition, the sensors of the camera do not depend on each other, so they can simultaneously shoot different angles.


The Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera supports photography after a specific time period has lapsed. The videos have a resolution of 1024 X 2048, and frame rate of 15 FPS. Additionally the phone has a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows two-way communication in real time with a person who is far away from the camera, using the Wifi network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.It is recommended that a Xiaomi router should be used with the camera. 

So this camera can be used for discussing the situation at home, and giving instructions, making it suitable for emergencies or when events like parties and functions are being organized. The Xiaomi Xiaofang IP camera can be monitored remotely using the Mi Home App for Android, IOS phones, tablets and other gadgets. The app is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean and other languages. To ensure that data is secure, it is encrypted at the time of verification, while transmitting the data and when the data is stored in the cloud.

All the videos can be written to a microSD card or directly to the cloud Xiaomi Mi Cloud, plus there are a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication and a gyroscope that will eliminate the filling of the horizon. For night shooting, Hualai Xiaofang Smart Camera has IR illumination of 5 meters. The battery in the camera is not provided, so it works only from the mains or external battery.

Where To Shop

The Xiaofang Smart IP Camera market proposed by Xiaomi continues to expand. However, this chamber is the only one equipped with two sensors. Xiaofang Smart IP Camera is now available on Banggood just at $39.99.


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