Xiaomi 13 Products Won the 2018 iF Design Award and Mi Mix 2 is Leads


After a series layers of screening, rigorous review, 2018 IF design Awards list was finally released, there is a company known as “boutique grocery store” today can be described as earned pours Xiaomi in the IF Design Award in the selection of 13 products stand out from it’s most famous Mi Mix 2 lead, covering mobile phones, power cats, walkie-talkies, VR, body fat, cameras, projectors, screwdrivers, and toothbrushes, etc. Areas of products can be said that the wisdom of the non-intelligent has have won in the design of 63 from the world of design experts in all ages, it’s not easy.

The participation of the selected works of a total of 6,400 Mi to stand out enough to see Xiaomi in product design intentions, take Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, as always, walk in the forefront of the same category, maintaining a maverick appearance ,and the recent new year festival crazy drop 500yuan, you want to experience can be considered.

Then again, in fact, if you recently need to buy some high-quality products, you can refer to the list of winners, the purchase of products recognized by international designers and authoritative bodies shouldn’t be wrong, and the new year section has several concessions, with more Fewer money to buy a better product, why not? Currently, I have Mi 6, Mi body fat, screwdrivers and toothbrush these four award-winning products, then these 13 products, how many models do you have? where do you have 13 products, let ME see you!

Mi Mix 2 is Xioami’s Most Powerful

Mi Mix, designed by the world’s most famous design master Philip Stark, the initial proposed the concept of “full screen” in the world industry. All-ceramic body, excellent design language superb trade, “Forbes”, “Connection” and other world’s most influential media are not mean Mi Mix’s praise. According to Stark’s, Mi mix’s successor Mi Mix 2 is “an excellent phone.” benefit from the evolving full-screen technology, the bottom of the screen shortened by 12-tone music again, coupled with the use of the Full-ceramic body, holding Mi Mix 2 looks to carry a piece of natural jade.

As the most powerful Xiaomi Smartphone, Mi Mix 2 is additionally equipped with Qualcomm flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 835, coupled with 8GB of Ram memory, and 256GB of UFS 2.1 high-speed internal storage. 1.25-micron large pixel camera with 4-axis optical image stabilization technology from a professional camera, Mi Mix 2 regardless of sunlight, dark light or single-handed holding environment, will be stable and clear imaging. Supports up to 24 4G LTE frequency bands and comes with the global internet access, but also let Mi Mix 2 can safely get pleasure from high-speed economical 4G worldwide internet access services.

In addition, previously, Mi Mix has won another world-renowned design award – the golden title of the idea. Hosted by the American Association of Industrial Designers and BusinessWeek since 1979, the idea is the sole worldwide industrial design award hosted by the united states. Has been widely reported and influential in the media worldwide since the nineties and has become a stand of worldwide outstanding industrial design products.

The design language of the mix series has also been recognized by the art world. In September 2017, Mi Mix became the primary Chinese product to be collected by the Finnish National design museum. curator Jukka Savolainen said: “Xiaomi mix pointed out the future direction of smartphones. In December, the world’s leading art museum Pompidou Center officially announced the collection of Mi Mix and Mix 2, and Picasso, Duchamp and other masters Work along exhibition. the overall curator of the museum, Anjila Brayer, also indicated that Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2 are the perfect fusion of technology and art, and are outstanding masterpieces that lead the intelligent era in design and technology.

Xiaomi 6 took the lead carrying snapdragon 835 flagship mobile platform, the largest optional 6GB Ram memory, continues to be a new generation of performance monster. built-in 4-axis optical anti-shake wide-angle camera + 52mm telephoto portrait camera portfolio, you can zoom in on distant objects to zoom in the shooting. the 2 combined to bring the SLR-like bokeh impact. Advanced zoom dual camera program, with binocular stereo vision and depth learning algorithm, through the whole face of a 100 positioning points, accurate recording of facial information in order to form individuals more stunning. in the process, the four surfaces of glass and ceramic Ambilight 2 materials, and highlight the shiny stainless-steel shine each other. Xiaomi Mi 6, explores the dream of 7 years of technology.

Xiaomi’s products had Mi Band 2, Mi-Home sweeping robot, pressure IH rice cooker and other products won the iF Design Award. Among them, the MIA LED smart table Lamps won the iF design Gold Award in 2017 and became one of the sole Chinese brands among the iF highest-level awards of the year. Since the beginning of Xiaomi eco-chain brand new “Mia” began, the brand has been promoting consumer upgrades, to produce users with top quality, cheap price smart home appliances so that more users can simply enjoy these high-quality products bring life experience.

Following the previous CES show with Facebook’s Oculus jointly launched the VR, the Mi WiFi Power Cat, Mi VR glasses, Mi VR glasses Play 2 3 products iF Design Award. From the Mi family brand’s award-winning products – Mi Jia small camera, Mi Mimi home walkie-talkie, Mi Jia laser projection TV 150 inches, the body fat scales, Mi home wiha intensive screwdriver set, Pui doctor Pasteur toothbrush Mi custom version 6 products can be seen, they all have a standard ID design genes, the pursuit of reasonable, minimalist, can be integrated into any environment, functional style also brings unprecedented convenience to people’s lives. customers in the choice of products without the practicality, design, cost-effective repeated weighing among the 3, a decent design of the product don’t mean that prime costs.

In the year 2017, Xiaomi can be described as winning hands to get hold of sentimental, encompassing the united states idea / Germany red dot / IF international 3 design gold medal, industrial design grand slam! Earlier, Mi mix won the U.S. IDSA Gold Award, Mi TV / Mi Band/meter electric scooter won the red dot design award and the Mi capsule headset, Paddy LED smart table lamp won the German IF design award.

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