Xiaomi 13 Ultra has Three Certificates completed


Xiaomi is expected to hold an event next month to unveil its new Android camera king, the Mi 13 Ultra, according to multiple sources.

Today, digital blogger “digital chat station” said that the current Mi 13 Ultra has three complete, the first half of the image flagship collection completed, a variety of different focus segment orientation of the telephoto war is imminent.

The so-called “three certificates” refers to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology network access license, national quality 3C certification and radio approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, now Xiaomi 13 Ultra has three certificates in hand, meaning that it meets the listing conditions, is not far away from the release, only a press conference can be listed for sale.

As the king of the video machine, the MI 13 Ultra main camera is still IMX989 inch outsole, but it will use variable aperture technology, under the super outsole, the blur effect is expected to kill Huawei Mate 50 series.

For secondary photography, three IMX858 lenses cover ultra-wide Angle, 3x portrait telephoto lens and submersible telephoto lens respectively to achieve full-focus coverage.

In terms of core configuration, Mi 13 Ultra will be equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8, equipped with LPTO adaptive high screen, it has been revealed that it may debut a 12bit screen from China Star Optoelectronics, which supports 90W fast charge.

More importantly, sources say that the Mi 13 Ultra will ditch the USB 2.0 port in favor of USB 3.0 and higher standards for better photo transfer.


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