Xiaomi 1S Review – 5200mAh Battery Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $329.99 From Gearbest (Pre-Sale)


After the huge success of the Mi Robot, Xiaomi got back at work on one of its star products! And as one doesn’t change a team that wins, the 1S version of the Mi Robot includes the features that made us fall in love on the Mi Robot 1 and adds some very important improvements. This Xiaomi 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner has many improvements and an important novelty: the recognition of environments through AI. Now it is possible to divide the house into rooms and thanks to the renewed LDS laser sensor cleaning will be much more precise. The LDS sensor analyzes the environment at 360 degrees 5 times per second and the SLAM algorithm creates a path for optimal room cleaning! Check out Mid-Year 2020 Sale Here.

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Xiaomi 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner still looks like a classic Mijia pure white design. The buffer area around it is much rounder than the previous generation of products, which also makes the overall shape look more “lean”. In terms of hardware, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S is equipped with LDS Aurora + vision fusion navigation. And dual SLAM capacitance and algorithm, which can dynamically and intelligently carry out path planning. Upgraded to 2000 Pa, the high suction can easily inhale dust and debris from the ground, while 5200 mA of electricity can bring lasting endurance sweeping capacity. The addition of multiple sensors and XIAO AI voice assistant also makes it perform well in intelligence.

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The suction power increased from the 1800Pa of the first generation and delivers now 2000 Pa. The ideal for an excellent finish, and a more efficient vacuuming cleaning. The new Cortex – A35 CPU, moreover, offers a 40% better performance than its predecessor, and a 10% lower power consumption. This leads to a significant increase in robot autonomy, which can now touch the 150 minutes of activity!

But the undisputed innovation of the Xiaomi 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is surely the integration of the AI technology. Which allows a better image understanding and therefore a more precise path planning. It will notably be able to recognize the different rooms just by “scanning” the door.

Among all its amazing features, there are the 12 laser sensors that work now with an improved algorithm. And an additional visual sensor that allows the dual navigation. In order to plan a better path, work faster, and never miss a spot! As usual, you can communicate with your robotic vacuum cleaner and outline the area it has to clean and those it must avoid trough the dedicated app. Once its job is done, The Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S will find the way until it’s charge dock!


The Xiaomi 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides more efficient cleaning that is improved up to 13% compared to the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot. We can buy it from Gearbest at $329.99 in Flash Sale and Ship Poland Warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Gearbest


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