Xiaomi 3HP Vertical Air Conditioner Released: New Level of Energy Efficiency Starting at $840.51


Recently, Xiaomi 3HP Vertical Air Conditioner was released. At present, the pre-sale of a 100 yuan deposit, the final price is 5999 yuan, the last payment will be sent to Redmi Xiaomi speaker Play, and the last hour will be paid with a Bluetooth temperature and humidity meter.

Xiaomi’s new 3HP vertical air conditioner is Xiaomi’s first 3HP air conditioner equipped with laminar soft wind technology, which not only provides strong cooling but also solves the problem of direct air-conditioning.

The release of the Xiaomi Softwind Vertical Air Conditioner can allow consumers to update their various home environments to the “new level of energy efficiency of the whole family bucket” of the Xiaomi Softwind Air Conditioner. Xiaomi Soft Air Conditioner is 1 large and 1.5 horses suitable for home spaces with an area of ​​about 10㎡-15㎡ and 16㎡-20㎡, such as bedrooms/study rooms; Xiaomi Soft Air Vertical Air Conditioner 3 is better for an area of ​​30 Space around ㎡, such as living room/entertainment room, etc.

Xiaomi soft air series air conditioners all adopt a “leaf” soft air design. The soft air blades and soft air micropores constitute a laminar soft air system, which can disperse the turbulent hard wind of the traditional air conditioning outlet into the soft soft wind, which effectively solves The problem of cold wind blowing directly.

With the wide air supply design, the air supply range is expanded as much as possible, the temperature difference in different areas of the space is reduced, and the effect of natural cooling of the whole house is achieved.

Xiaomi Softwind Vertical Air Conditioner 3 horsepower adopts a full DC inverter compressor, with internal and external DC fans, and uses electronic expansion valves for throttle control, which makes the system efficient and energy-saving. It can accurately control the temperature during rapid cooling and heating, and always allow consumption The person is in a high comfort environment.

In terms of mute, by improving the air path, the air supply is smoother, so that the product can effectively reduce noise while exerting strong performance, and quiet operation does not disturb.

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Xiaomi Softwind series air conditioners are all in line with the latest new energy efficiency standards. The energy efficiency index of the 1st and 1.5th horses is 5.13, and the 3 is 4.33, far exceeding the limit value. According to statistics, the number of Xiaomi 3HP Vertical Air Conditioner has reached 11, and the proportion of the entire Xiaomi air conditioner has reached an ultra-high 50%.


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