Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR Released All The Price Is 189 Yuan (28.39 USD)


This morning, the Xiaomi raised the first 118 products  Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR it is an intelligent traffic recorder with support voice control, 1080p full HD recording, 130 ° wide angle.

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR to support voice control, basic function settings, camera video can be through voice control, can be the accurate identification and rapid response like emergency time can automatically video, restore the accident process, 130 ° wide angle, the field of view can cover more Lane.

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR with Mastar image processing chip and Sony IMX323 image sensor, support 1080p Full HD recording, effectively enhance the dark environment picture quality equipped with multiple groups of glass spherical lenses, each lens has 7 layers of coating , Increased the light transmittance, reducing the reflectivity, high temperature will not faint.

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR using a circular breathing light design, three colors of light can visually display the record state. Open the phone App recorder WiFi, you can watch the real-time shooting screen, access to historical images, you can also download the video to the local, Do not consume mobile phone traffic.

The use of cigarette lighter to take power, do not change the original car of the normal circuit, do not destroy the original. There is interior design, safe and reliable. It also provides electrostatic paste + rotating bracket, to meet the tilt angle of different models of the window.

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Car DVR manufacturers are die-metal information technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd. And all the price is 189 yuan (28.39 USD). At present Xiaomi 70 Steps, Smart Car DVR has been in the product App officially on the line, is expected to begin shipping on November 10.


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