Xiaomi 70Mai Car Wireless Charger Presented at the Price of 79 Yuan ($11.67)


70Mai is the only company in the Xiaomi ecological chain dedicated to intelligent products for vehicles. Within its repertoire of products, we find driving cameras, intelligent rear-view mirrors. Today, 70Mai has launched support for smartphones that introduces wireless charging. The wireless charging and the support are combined in one, which avoids the problems caused by the charging of the mobile phone and the instability of the support when driving.

Xiaomi 70Mai Car Wireless Charger allows a fast charge of up to 10 watts and is authorized by the cargo alliance wireless to obtain the Qi authorization. The bracket uses an aviation aluminum alloy heat sink. Getting an effective load despite the movements that the smartphone may suffer with the vagaries of the vehicle and the asphalt.

The bracket can intelligently detect the size and weight of different models, thus initiating the gravity connection lock, which can firmly fix the smartphone regardless of road conditions. With respect to compatibility, the support comes with three charging speeds that is compatible with the main models of smartphones that support Qi charging.

To adapt to different air vents, the bracket presents two types of connector, which can meet the needs of the majority of car owners. The price of Xiaomi 70Mai Car Wireless Charger is 79 Yuan (about $11.67). We hope to see it for sale in import stores at a higher price in the coming days. This charger is compatible with Mi Mix 2S and Mi Mix 3.

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