Xiaomi 70MAI Midrive PS01 Review: a 11100mAh Emergency Car Powerbank For Just $51.99 at Banggood


70mai is a Mi ecosystem company focus on smart car electronics, aims to show the highest level of vehicle intelligent products, providing safe, comfortable and networked driving experience to the world. This 70mai 11100mAh Car Lithium Jump Starter Powerbank from Xiaomi Youpin brings the advantages of lightweight design, compact portable, convenient storage and especially the ability to fast electric. In addition, you can also use 70MAI Midrive PS01 as a backup battery charger to power your mobile devices.

Buy Xiaomi 70MAI Midrive PS01 at $51.99


70MAI Midrive PS01 11100mAh Car Powerbank is equipped with a minimalist design of all details, not too scary. Material PC + AB S surface is processed friendly UV, impact resistance, heat resistance, and good abrasion resistance. Above are Type-C input interfaces, 2 output interfaces. Especially LED lights are integrated with 3 different lighting control modes to enable users to flexibly use 48-hour lighting at night to check the parts of the car. In addition, the storage bag is also equipped to provide higher mobility for the electric generator. Smart pin clamp is designed with DO reverse-reverse interface with automatic identification ability to avoid false operation. The insulated handle is designed thick, expanded, high rigidity, good heat resistance to ensure safety for users during use.


70MAI Midrive PS01 11100mAh Car Powerbank set is equipped with battery capacity up to 11100mAh with 12V output. Starting current reaches 250A and maximum current can be up to 600A can be used for gasoline-powered cars under 4.0L, diesel models below 2.0L can be used about 30 times in the state fully charged. Besides the function of charging for cars, 70MAI Midrive PS01 11100mAh Car Powerbank also functions as a backup battery for mobile devices with output parameters of 5V /2.4A. In particular, 70MAI Midrive PS01 11100mAh Car Powerbank also offers extremely low power consumption, long standby time, and unused equipment that can maintain 85% energy in 1 year. Temperature protection design provides full protection to ensure the safety of usage from overheating. Eight protection smart clamp: Short-circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-current protection, Over-charge protection, High-temperature protection, Reverse connect protection, Over-discharge protection, Reverse filling protection.


Buy Xiaomi 70MAI Midrive PS01 at $51.99

Xiaomi 70MAI Midrive PS01 11100mAh Car Powerbank starter is very smart and multifunctional, built in a 5V/2.4A USB charging port and LED flashlight. USB output charging port can be used to charge mobile phone, tablet, camera and so on, it’s very necessary when your electronic equipment is dead. Right now we can buy it from Banggood at $51.99 in PreSale


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