Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 130 Degree 1080P WiFi Car DVR Monitor in $45.99 @eBay Sale


 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam DVR and is a phenomenal decision for cab drivers. The watches or simply the individuals who wish to record their undertakings while driving.

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 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam

 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam Structure

Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam is that it accompanies a tube-shaped structure. there is a three-shading squinting roundabout drove. It has a capacity of indicating the status of the chronicle. The vehicle holder comprises an electrostatic glue and a pivoting section, valuable for appropriate dashcam situating inside the vehicle.

 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam Structure

This is a little dashcam that has the capacity to continuing everything that occurs outside while driving the vehicle. It is a little camera with an implicit board, which has the capacity of recording everything that occurs around it while driving the vehicle. This innovation, utilized for the most part out in the open vehicle, for example, transports and cabs (right now called a cab when the methodology is in or in the lodge), is introduced increasingly more regularly in private vehicles, for the most part as a helpful trial of the elements if there should arise an occurrence of auto collisions or, all the more essentially, to deify grand scenes of extraordinary delight.

 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam Structure

 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam Highlights

Inside, it incorporates a chip MSC8328p and a sensor Sony IMX323 of extremely little size (7.55 mm H/W 5.75mm) that permits making video chronicles at Full HD (1080p) goals at 30 fps, and 60 fps HD, promising a higher caliber than the past sensor, particularly in low light conditions or when taking night shots.

 Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam Highlights

This is no uncertainty additionally because of the gathering of a seven-layer round focal point.  its edge of 130 °. We likewise realize that you have different voice orders for recording enactment and other fundamental capacities.


To introduce the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam. it doesn’t have to meddle with the wiring of the vehicle. The simple interface it to the cigarette lighter. This strategy for sustenance has just figured out how to substantiate itself well among vehicle proprietors. buy this from eBay at $45.99 


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