Xiaomi 70mph Smart WiFi Car DVR Equipped Voice Control For just $45.59 at @Lightinthebox in Flash Sale


The cameras for vehicles or “dashcam” (as they are popularly known) are very useful devices in these times. Especially for anyone who, at some point in his life, has to be behind a wheel. It is a companion that will help you record everything that happens to you at all times. Whether for safety and so have evidence in case of accidents, or simply to have recorded their trips. In this specific market, Xiaomi has not gone far. However, Xiaomi has launched new products through its MIJIA crowdfunding platform. The new product is Xiaomi’s 118th product which is 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR dashboard camera with affordable price.

This car DVR is quite compact and small. It is 10.00 x 5.50 x 3.20 cm in size and has a weight of 0.0700 kg. It has a built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor, that offers users a sharp and clear recording. This image sensor provides with a chance to record videos in 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution, which makes it Full HD (high definition), even though the camera is only 2 megapixels. As well as all that, the 130-degree wide angle, allows capturing everything that is going on around. It covers everything that is going on in front of the car, and three lanes over. Built-in image processing chip helps record every detail when one is driving.

Let’s talk mainly about what attracts us the most when we buy an item: its design. At first glance, it is very sophisticated but simple, with a circular-looking body, specifically in the form of a cylinder. The Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car is black and also has a recording lens, speakers, and microphone. Something important about its appearance is that it does not have a screen, however, it has characteristics that will complement it and later we will explain it.

A peculiarity is the presence of an intermittent LED light ring, which changes color to indicate the recording status. The blue means that the camera is turned on but not recording; Normally this is the color it will have when it is turned on. Then, we have the color red, this will indicate an abnormal situation in the recording, due to an accident or another reason. Finally, the green will mean that you are recording normally.

It has a group of seven-layer spherical lenses that improve the transmission of light, reduce reflections and prevent cracked images from being captured by changes in temperature. Likewise, it has light-sensitive components of 1-2.9 inches that, together with the sensor, capture clear images at night. Last but not least, has an l body glass full so you never blur due to temperature.

Among its most outstanding functions, we can mention the intelligent voice control that will understand the commands perfectly. So, if you need to take pictures or record videos, both can be controlled by voice without using your hands. Some commands are: “I want to take a picture”, “emergency recording”, “turn on/off the voice recorder” and “turn on / off the Wifi”. The voice recognition will be so precise that the camera can recognize your voice even if you use different accents. Not only that, after receiving the command, will take care of what you ask very quickly. In addition, this device will be configured to start recording as soon as the car engine starts and will stop once it is turned off.

This excellent dashcam is available for pre-ordering at the Lightinthebox online store at a modest price of $45.59. If you are interested, we will leave the direct links to the page. Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the first to launch the Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car!


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