Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charging Stand Set With Multi-Coil Released


Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charging Stand Set. The charging board has 19 built-in charging coils that can charge three devices at the same time, each device is 20W Recharge.

The Xiaomi multi-coil wireless fast charging board has 19 built-in charging coils, which can charge three devices at the same time, each device charges 20W, a total of 60W, and the price is 599 yuan sold separately.

The world’s first 67W wireless charging, 6 times boost! Leading the development of global wireless charging technology.
  • Wireless charging stand, up to 80W. 499 yuan.
  • No need to position it. It can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  • 11 Pro environmentally friendly standard version. Package version +0 yuan.
  • Millet multi-coil wireless fast charging board! 599
  • 19 charging coils! The mobile phone can be charged anywhere.
  • The hardest part is to dissipate heat
  • Image system: the world’s first GN2
Super outsole, close to 1 inch. The bottom level is crushed to death! 5 times better than iPhone 12.
  • 50 million pixels. Each is 1.4um, 2.8um.
  • 8P lens, OIS optical image stabilization.
  • The focusing technology is very fast!
  • HDR
  • Dual native ISO Fusion
  • StaggerHDR

Tonight, Xiaomi also released an 80W wireless charging stand, curved air duct, dual-coil design, lying and standing dual-use, speed can be increased by 15% in fast mode. Xiaomi 80W wireless charging stand set, 80W wireless charging stand + 120W charger, priced at 499 yuan.

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